How To Manage Pet Odours

How To Manage Pet Odours (2)
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lass=”alignleft size-full wp-image-18360″ src=”×253.jpg” alt=”Manage Pet Odours” width=”300″ height=”253″ />Pets are a huge part of our lives and bring us a lot of pleasure which is one of the reasons that most of us seem to accept that pet odour in the house are just part and parcel of owning a pet. However, if you can learn to manage pet odours then it will make your home a happier place and you’ll feel way more comfortable inviting guests around. Pet odour removal is a particularly difficult task because once the smell has set in it can permanently damage your floor, carpet, and furniture.

Why are pet odours so difficult to remove?

Pet odours are more difficult to remove than most other stains because of their chemical make up. For example, urine contains a lot of nitrogen and can have a strong smell of ammonia. Other waste products can produce horrible smells too because they contain unpleasant bacteria. Put the two together and combine them with improper clean-up and the result is a smell that just won’t go away.

When your pet accidentally wees on the carpet, it doesn’t just sit there, it seeps down into carpet fibres. This is where odours live and is the most difficult area to clean. Homeowners get used to the smell and often don’t realise that it’s still there once they have cleaned up after their pet.

Which pet accidents do the damage?

Some pet accidents can do permanent damage to the carpet if they’re not treated correctly.

  • Urine is the worse offender because as well as producing a lingering smell it can also harm the colours and fibres in your carpet
  • Vomit – Vomit contains acids from the stomach which too can harm any surface, including carpets
  • Fecal matter – Most of the damage from this comes from it not being cleaned up properly. By rubbing the area, it embeds waste into the carpet fibres and backing where it can cause permanent damage

DIY or a Professional Service?

Most of the over counter products do little more than having a stop-gap effect. Although they claim to make the odour go away, all they do in reality is to mask the smell. The combination of the fragrance and the family’s less sensitive noses, serve to make it appear as if the smell as gone.

A professional service, on the other hand, adopts a far more scientific approach. The goal is to neutralise the smell, not mask it. The commercial products that we use will counteract the smell instead of covering it up. We’ll also provide a more thorough clean which includes the backing of the carpet and the subflooring, if necessary.

What’s the answer to pet odours?

First of all try and determine why these ‘accidents’ are happening. Most pets have the occasional accident but if the behaviour persists then it might be worth discussing it with your vet to see if your pet has any medical conditions. Often retraining your pet to use a litter box or take them outside regularly, will cure the problem.

If you have any pet odours that just won’t go away then give Carpet Cleaning Kings a call. We’re experts at cleaning all matter of smells and stains leaving your carpet looking and smelling fresh and clean. Call us on 1300 7000 75 for a free quote or to make a booking.

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