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‘Hi I’m Matt, and I would first like to thank you for your interest in Carpet Cleaning Kings. We strive to deliver a quality of service that exceeds all customers’ expectations. It is our desire to improve, and passion for what we do that has made Carpet Cleaning Kings one of the leading companies within the industry. When you select a Carpet Cleaning Kings technician, you can trust that you will receive a highly trained and educated staff member, state of the art equipment and the highest level of service possible. We truly have taken carpet cleaning to the next level, and we would love the opportunity to show you.’ Carpet Cleaning Kings is Australia’s Premium Carpet Cleaning Specialist!

Let’s face it; it’s tough to get excited about the need to clean your carpets. At Carpet Cleaning Kings, we try our best to make this process as seamless for you as we can. It’s our desire to get in and do the job efficiently with as minimal “downtime” to you and your lifestyle as possible.

What once was a small family business, Carpet Cleaning Kings has now grown into one of Australia’s leading carpet cleaning companies.

Our philosophy is simple, we aim to deliver a level of service in which exceeds all customers expectations.

It is our superior service levels that set us apart from our competitors.

We are passionate about every project, and place an enormous importance on the following:

1. Communication

We acknowledge that it is our customers who make us successful. From the administration team who take your call to the technician who visits you at your home, each member of our team receives training on how to understand your needs and deliver nothing short of perfection. We take the time to listen, to understand and to offer the best advice to suit your personal requirements. Let us know what matters to you, and it will matter to us.

2. Education and Training

Every day there are new methods and more current equipment put on the market. We dedicate hours of our time sifting through the information as well as testing, developing and researching the best and most efficient and effective ways to deliver our services. Each and every member of our team undergoes ongoing (weekly) rigorous training to ensure every new day we are offering the most successful and cost appropriate solutions to your problems.

IICRC Certified technicians.

Trained by:

+ Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy (ACRA)

+ Interactive Training International (ITI)

+ Jena Dyco International

+ CPK Training

+ Australian timber flooring Association (ATFA) Member

+ Restoration industry association (RIA) Member

+ Specialised cleaning and restoration industry Association (SCRIA) Member

3. Equipment and Resources

We’ve all seen the T.V add that states how we wouldn’t clean our dishes in a dirty dishwasher. Not only that, but we wouldn’t use a dishwasher that was neglected, never serviced, was broken, stunk and looked medieval. Having the right equipment is equally the most important part about the appointment as the attitude of the technician who uses it. We invest 100,000’s of dollars every year into having the most innovative resources that allow us to provide nothing short of excellence every single time. We invest our sales straight back into our company which helps us to maintain the very best standard in all aspects of our services.

4. Reliability

Reliability means a few things to us. It not only means that when you book an appointment we can guarantee on-time arrival, it means that our team has the expertise to get the job done right, first time around. You can rely on Carpet Cleaning Kings to achieve all goals you have for your home on time, within your budget and without the hassle. Allow us to regain your trust in the service industry with exceptional and reliable service.

5. Core Values

Carpet Cleaning Kings was once a small company, from humble beginnings day by day, our services have improved to offer a better quality of service, it is our desire to improve and passion for what we do that has made Carpet Cleaning Kings one of the leading companies within the industry.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. At Carpet Cleaning Kings we govern our personal and business lives by strong core values that allow us to remain honest and deliver the best version of ourselves to our customers.

+ People First
+ Integrity
+ Discipline
+ Accountability
+ Reliability


We strive to offer a level of service unmatched by our competitors, because of this we can guarantee our workmanship.

Every job we do comes with our iron-clad, risk-free guarantee. If you are not happy with our work, we’ll re-clean the area for free. If you are still not pleased, you pay nothing. We feel that nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction.

100% No-Risk Guarantee “The Most through Cleaning Ever seen… Or it’s Free!


Royal Excellence – Satisfaction Guaranteed


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carpet cleaning


Keep your home looking wonderful.

The carpets in your house are substantial financial investments that keep your homes looking good. Invest in professional carpet cleaning and get to enjoy your carpets for many more years to come.

Extend the life of your carpets

Be assured of a cleaning company that pays keen attention to detail when you give Carpet Cleaning Kings a ring. We take great pride in the cleaning services that we do, we want to be sure that all homes that we enter are cleaned thoroughly so the family could have a healthier lifestyle.


If your floors have built up dirt and have lost their shine, Carpet Cleaning Kings is all you need for all your professional floor cleaning needs. We use advanced floor cleaning equipment and special wood floor cleaners to bring back their shine.


Create healthier living spaces and keep your carpets looking new

For extreme stains, Carpet Cleaning Kings offers stain removals that will rid your carpets with dried up stains that have built up over time. For blood stain removals from carpets, we offer extensive blood stain removal to renew and bring back life to your carpets. This service is available at a reasonable price. Call us now for a free consultation 1300 7000 75.



Even the best-trained pets could still urinate on your lovely looking carpets. Removing carpet odors such as pet urine could be very frustrating. All stains should be treated as soon as possible to guarantee complete stain removal. The longer the stain sits, the harder it would be to remove.


Enjoy carpet cleaning specials from Carpet Cleaning Kings your #1 trusted Carpet cleaners in Brisbane, Ipswich, Redland Bay, and Gold Coast.

Why Bother Cleaning your Carpets?

With regular use, carpets wore out and lose their original shine. Dust and other elements get trapped within its fibres making it hard to remove or even see. This dirt can cause odour and other contamination that may harm your health.

Regular carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpets. Over time, tiny dirt particles get trapped inside your carpet. And since carpets are built for us to walk on, these dirt particles rub on the carpet causing them to wear out. Deep cleaning done by professionals eliminate these substances making your carpet last longer in time. Thorough carpet cleaning can also ensure your health, it can eliminate allergens, bacteria and other causes of health complications. You and your family’s safety is the first that we consider. Aside from the eyesores and ugly marks dirt leave on your carpet, it can also accumulate bad odours making your stay unpleasant inside your home.

So if you have dirty carpets or wet carpets that need attention, do not have second thoughts. Call Carpet Cleaning Kings. We are available 24/7. 1300 7000 75