Understanding The Different Types Of Carpet Fibres And How To Clean Them

Different Types Of Carpet Fibres

Different Types Of Carpet FibresFor lovers of the humble carpet it’s good to know that it’s officially back in vogue. Although carpet may not be to everyone’s taste, it does come in a wide variety of styles. As such the right carpet has the ability to transform a room into something special. So how do you know what’s right for you and more importantly how should you go about keeping it clean?

There are several types of carpet fibre and these vary in style. Each type can be used in a different setting and depending on where you want your carpet fitted, this may determine which type of fibre you choose. So to help you make an informed choice, let’s take a look.

Cut Pile

This is probably the most popular type of carpet and is generally created from yarn that’s been twisted tightly together. It comes in mainly plain colours and has a mottled appearance. If you’re seeking a general purpose carpet that’s not too expensive, then this is probably the one to choose. Good for hallways and areas where there are high levels of use, it’s the sensible option.

Cleaning – Dry vacuum regularly (at least once a week) using a plain suction head or more regularly in high traffic areas.

Velvet pile

Ideal for bedrooms where you want to add a touch of luxury. It’s a distinct type of cut pile carpet that has a smoother, silky feel. Because of the way that it’s manufactured, velvet pile is often more expensive than other types of carpet, but if looked after it can last many years.

Cleaning – It should be gently vacuumed using a standard dry vacuum because if too much force is applied then it can have a tendency to show pile reversal. It’s best to use a beater’s bar or revolving brushes on the lightest setting. If it’s badly soiled or stained, then you should seek professional carpet cleaning help.

Shag pile

Made in the same way as cut pile but with much longer tufts a shag pile carpet is known for it’s snug luxurious feel. Very popular back in the 1970’s the shag pile carpet is making a comeback. Ideal for lounge areas or areas that aren’t particularly high in traffic they make a great addition to any room.

Cleaning – Deeper pile carpets such as shag pile have a tendency to trap dirt in the fibres when ground in and are difficult to remove As such dry vacuum frequently, at least once a week, to keep dirt down to a minimum using a plain suction type vacuum cleaner. For heavier soiling. Seek professional advice.

Loop pile/Berber

Loop pile carpet is often referred to as Berber carpet and is ideal for general purpose usage. Characterised by a wider and heavier type of yarn it makes for a hard-wearing type of carpet.

Cleaning – Again regular dry vaccuming is key to making sure your carpet stays in good condition. Occasional grooming with a turbo or revolving brush head will also help.

As with all types of carpet a yearly professional clean can remove those stubborn stains, making it last longer and keeping it looking like new.

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