The Real Health Benefits Of A Professionally Clean Carpet

The Real Health Benefits Of A Professionally Clean Carpet
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The Real Health Benefits Of A Professionally Clean CarpetFor many homeowners the preferred flooring of choice in living rooms and bedrooms alike is the carpet. Aside from the fact that it’s warm and comforting and gives a nice homely feel, it’s also one of the most difficult surfaces to keep clean. The trouble is that according to leading specialists, dust accumulation in carpets and rugs not only looks unsightly but can seriously affect your health. So with this in mind, here are the top 3 health benefits of a professionally clean carpet.

Eliminating trapped pollutants

When you think of pollutants contained within your carpet, you’d probably imagine dust and dirt however there are a wide range of other substances which can be pretty dangerous. Things like lead particle pollution, cockroach allergens, a variety of bacteria and toxic air-born gasses can all become trapped within the confines of your carpet. In fact if you think of it as one giant filter, you won’t go far wrong. Professional carpet cleaners use equipment which gives your carpet a deep down clean that standard steam cleaners and normal vacuuming won’t and can’t reach.

Ousts dust mites

Dust mite infestations are incredibly commonplace and although they themselves aren’t allergenic the carnage they leave behind such as skin cells, faeces, and even bodily fragments are. The trouble is that dust mites aren’t easily spotted but because of the microscopic sized particles, the debris that ensues can easily be inhaled causing breathing problems such as asthma. Professional carpet cleaners use high temperature steam cleaners which can easily eradicate all traces of dust mites leaving you with a clean carpet that is free from dust mites.

Preventing mould growth

In areas that experience high levels of humidity carpet mould is a common problem. This issue is that mould spores can also be a health hazard. In humid weather conditions water vapour can be drawn into the home and sucked up by your carpet. If not dried and vacuumed, it can cause mould. Hot water extraction units favoured by many professional carpet cleaners have the ability to extract nearly all of the moisture from your carpet and high powered drying tools do the rest – leaving your carpet as bone dry as possible, therefore eradicating the potential for mildew and mould.

Even if your carpet looks relatively clean, you can guarantee that it’s hiding lots of potential nasties, many of which have the potential to be hazardous. For this reason why not call in the experts at Carpet Cleaning Kings. We guarantee that when we’ve finished, your clean carpet won’t simply look fresh, it IS fresh. Contact us today on 1300 7000 75 and let us give you a free, no obligation quote.

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