How To Find The Right Carpet Cleaning Company For You

The Right Carpet Cleaning Company For You

The Right Carpet Cleaning Company For YouSo you’re considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to get your expensive shag pile looking like new. What could be easier, after all you don’t need training to clean a carpet, just a state-of-the-art steam cleaner right? Wrong! The truth is that carpet cleaning is a technical business and if the incorrect chemicals, equipment or temperature are used then it can end up costing you far more than you initially bargained for. With this in mind, how do you sort out the professionals from the cowboys?

Trade certified

Carpet cleaning is a specialised trade and as such there are several trade associations which a company could and should be affiliated with. These are the Specialised Cleaning and Restoration Industry (SCRI), the Carpet Cleaning Association Western Australia (CCAWA), and the Individual Cleaning Association of Australia and New Zealand (ICAAN). If a company belongs to one or more of these associations then you know that they’ve passed the necessary requirements to carry out the job in hand.

Industrial grade vacuums

In order to deliver the best job possible the right equipment should always be used. Nine times out of ten this doesn’t include ‘off-the-shelf’ steam cleaners that are plugged into your electricity socket. Instead truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaners are often recommended by leading carpet producers because of their ability to generate more suction and pressure. As a result the difference should be as noticeable as day and night.

Are they transparent?

When it comes to pricing, transparency is key. Many companies will offer free-evaluations as it’s often far easier to give an accurate price quote when they know the exact scope of the work involved. That said this may not always be possible. If this is the case you should always seek professionals that will either display a price on their website or alternatively give you a written quote upon enquiry. Companies that do none of the above should be avoided at all costs.

Environmentally friendly products

Obviously safety of your family and pets are paramount and as a result many companies now use the latest eco-friendly products. For this reason it might pay you to ask a carpet cleaning company about their products before you hire them

Don’t get enticed by promises of cheap rates that sound too good to be true. Instead by doing a bit of homework and looking at some of the criteria listed above, you can make sure that you’ll get the right carpet cleaning company for you, and one that you’ll happily return to, time and time again.

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