Hot Water Extraction Or Steam Cleaning – Which Is Best?

Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water ExtractionAlthough the processes of hot water and steam cleaning may look the same they are in fact two different methods of extracting dirt and stains from carpet. Each method uses water, but which one’s best?

Steam cleaning

It probably comes as no surprise that in order for a steam cleaner to work then it’s going to need steam. In conventional devices steam is generated when water is released through a heating element. It’s then forced out, just like when you press the button on a steam iron. Steam cleaners come in many different guises from the small and portable to the heavy industrial. What makes them different is the pressure of the steam that’s expelled, the size of the water chamber and the quality and power of the heating element. Steam cleaning is ideal for getting rid of dust mites and bacteria as well as eradicating those stale carpet odours that have a tendency to hang around. They’re also perfect for dealing with smaller stains and spills. However in deeper pile carpets dirt often gets trapped way down in the carpet fibres and although steam may loosen the dirt particles near the surface, they are unlikely to penetrate down into the fibres. So if you have a synthetic carpet or one that doesn’t have a particularly deep pile, then providing it isn’t badly stained a steam clean should do the trick perfectly.

Hot water extraction

if you own a deep piled carpet that’s in dire need of cleaning then you might be better off using hot water extraction. Often referred to as hot water carpet cleaners they have a tendency to use a much larger volume of water than a steam cleaner would. The water inside a hot water carpet cleaner is heated to a sufficiently high temperature but not so much that it turns into steam. The advantage of this system is that when the hot water is forced out it penetrates deep into carpet fibres, flushing out and loosening dirt and dust that lurks in between them. Once the dirt has been extracted from its hiding place then a powerful vacuum sucks it up, thus removing the offending stain or grime. For these reasons the majority of carpet manufacturers recommend that if your carpet is in need of a deep clean then hot water extraction is the answer.

So there you have it, the difference between steam cleaning and hot water cleaning explained! As to which one is best…well it all depends on the style of your carpet and the amount of dirt it holds.

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