5 Important Questions to Ask A Prospective Carpet Cleaning Company

5 Important Questions

5 Important QuestionsLet’s face it, at some point or other you are likely to need your carpet cleaned professionally, whether it’s because you’ve come to the end of your tenancy agreement, spilled red wine on your carpet, or at worse your carpet smells of cat pee. For whatever reason, a reputable and experienced carpet cleaning company can work magic on a soiled carpet and remove long lasting stains that you’ve struggled with, to leave you with a carpet that looks clean, smells fresh, and feels great under foot

When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaner, then we’d always say that recommendation is the best choice, but if this isn’t possible, then here are 5 important questions to ask a prospective cleaning company, before making a decision.

1. Do you provide a quote?

Asking for a quote prevents you from being faced with an unpleasant surprise when after responding to an ad for an inexpensive cleaning rate, you get told that it will cost an extra $60 because your carpet is a shag pile! A written quote provided ahead of the work should include the price, the scope of work being carried out, a work guarantee and reference to appropriate insurances.

2. Do you have formal training in the industry and the certification to back it up? Can I see this?

Obtaining basic industry training and formal certification is a relatively easy process and yet many carpet cleaners don’t hold this. A carpet cleaner that is certified should know exactly what they are cleaning, follow the best methods, get the best results and know what to do when things don’t go quite to plan.

3. What cleaning process do you recommend and what equipment and steps are involved?

Different cleaning companies offer different cleaning processes and these are usually dictated by their type of equipment but in reality it should be dictated by your personal situation. There will always be a particular method of carpet cleaning which is best suited to your needs, so ask around until you find it.

4. How long should the job take?

Every situation is different and cleaning times will therefore vary, but one thing is certain, and that is the fact that a company should allow themselves sufficient time to do what they say they will. Spending sufficient time is critical to the end result and if time is compromised then mistakes and oversights can happen.

5. What guarantees are offered?

Finally, if you’re not totally happy with the results then you need to know what re-course is offered. A good guarantee should be to return and correct any issues, and if that doesn’t amend the situation then a full refund should be given.

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