Why should you get your carpets cleaned professionally before a tenant moves in?

Why should you get your carpets cleaned professionally before a tenant moves in_
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In this Blog ReDIY discusses the importance of getting your Carpets Professionally cleaned before a tenant moves in. There are several reasons for this.

A Tenant’s Perspective.

Let’s look at it from a Tenant’s point of view firstly. Upon opening the door, a fresh clean aroma welcomes them. There is something special about clean, freshly shampooed carpets. That initial first impression is so vital when seeking a good quality tenant. When a tenant moves in, He/she will appreciate the care and attention you have displayed in the presentation of the property. This will encourage them to take as much care and attention whilst leasing your property.

It may also assist them in overlooking some shortfalls in the property. They may not notice that their TV stand is a little bigger than the space available, or that their 3 seater may be a tight fit. It is a good idea to have them done 1 to 2 days prior to the viewing day, to allow then to dry thoroughly. On the other hand, dirty smelly carpets will indicate a lack of care. This could make them think that there is probably lots of issues that need attention. Having clean carpets is just as important to tenants as mould free bathrooms. Really it is that important.

You must remember that they will be living in the home and welcoming guests into their new home. They also want to create a great first impression on their friends and relatives. It could just be the one thing that makes the difference when they have a choice of two similar properties. They will want to keep them clean and fresh so will take better care of them and the entire house. They will not want to have their furniture truck waiting outside while they wait for the carpets to dry after they have had to organise to have them done.

A Landlord’s Perspective.

OK, just as importantly, we need to consider the benefits of having the carpets professionally shampooed, from your point of view. Because you have had them professionally done, with a receipt as proof, you can have a condition inserted into the lease agreement. The condition would read that it is the tenant’s responsibility upon vacating the property to have the carpets professionally cleaned, at their expense and to produce a receipt.

You will never again have to pay yourself, to have them professionally cleaned.

It is a legitimate expense for taxation purposes.

If the Tenants also have pets which you are allowing to be inside, they will also be required to have a flea treatment of the carpets, at their expense. This, too should be inserted as a condition on the Lease Agreement.

It is a very easy cost-effective way to ensure a great first impression. This will assist in finding a tenant in a shorter amount of time. Less vacancy periods mean more money in your pocket.

As it does for the Tenant, it gives the impression that you really do care for the property and therefore care that the Tenants have a lovely home to live in. Dirty, thread bare carpets indicate your lack of care which will draw the attention to the tenants of other flaws in the property. A dirty smelly carpet and a dated kitchen in your property could be compared with another property they are looking at. The other may have freshly shampooed carpet throughout plus a dated kitchen and bathroom. What they remember is the dirty carpet and make their decision based on that.

From your point of view, it also comes down to general maintenance of the property. Clean, freshly shampooed carpet, done regularly will lengthen the life of the carpet.


As you can, see there are benefits for both you and the tenant, of having the carpets professionally cleaned. It is a minor expense and one very much worth incurring.

Written by ReDIY Your Real Estate Do It Yourself Experts

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