Exploring the Real Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Real Benefits Of Professional Carpet

Real Benefits Of Professional CarpetI’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ and never a truer word has been spoken, especially when it pertains to the humble carpet. For a few years at the turn of the 21st century the carpet was shunned and vilified by those who preferred the feel of wood, rubber and even concrete under their feet. Carpets were perceived as the preserve of the old and those who resided in trendy urban loft apartments or minimalist show homes wouldn’t be seen dead sporting a carpet of any description. However fast forward a few years and the carpet has made a glorious return. Now, owning a carpet is once again trendy.

Fashion preferences aside, the carpet does have a number of features that other types of flooring simply don’t have. Firstly it’s cosy under foot. I mean who doesn’t get a warm tingly feeling when they walk barefoot across a thick pile carpet? Secondly it’s safer when toddlers are around and will act as a cushion to make those inevitable falls and bumps that much safer.

All that said, carpets do require some looking after. Believe it or not if you really want to keep your carpet looking as pristine as it was when you purchased it, then it isn’t enough to simply run a vacuum cleaner over it once a week. Instead you might want to think about getting your carpets regularly and professionally cleaned.

Hot water extraction works – Really!

There are some people who think that professional carpet cleaning companies use a multitude of chemicals that do more harm than good to your carpet and indeed the surrounding environment. Conversely most professional and experienced carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction instead. Water is heated to a little under 100ºC and is then pushed at force into your carpet. As a result it penetrates deep down into the fibres of the carpet and can remove dirt, dust and mites. It’s safe for pets, the environment and of course the kids and doesn’t leave any residue behind. In addition it’s good for most types of carpet from shag pile to Berber.

Removing allergens

By having your carpet professionally cleaned every 6-9 months or so, you’re removing all types of allergens such as pet dander and hair to human skin and food particles. As a result you can feel safe in the knowledge that if you do have small children round, they can crawl over your carpet as much as they like in complete safety. Not only that your carpet is no longer acting as a collection point for anything and everything!

Prolongs carpet life

Finally when you have your carpet professionally cleaned it can prolong its life. As dirt and microscopic materials become lodged between the fibres they compress and get ground down. As a result they become like sandpaper and when walked over will start to wear away the fibres. Over time this gradually breaks them down and this is why they sometimes feel a little rough under foot. Unlike standard vacuuming a professional carpet clean doesn’t only remove all ground in dirt and other particles, but it can reconstitute the fibres giving a fluffed-up, fresh smelling carpet that looks just like it’s come out of the showroom.

If you want to find out more about what a professional carpet clean can do for your carpet and your health, then contact Carpet Cleaning Kings on 1300 7000 75.

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