What’s The Difference Between Hot Water Extraction And Steam Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning Carpets
Steam Cleaning CarpetsMany people confuse hot water extraction with steam cleaning and refer to the former as steam cleaning when in fact they are two different processes. Each method uses a different temperature of water and often different cleaning solutions too. So before you attempt to clean your carpet to get rid of a troublesome stain, read on to learn more about hot water extraction and steam cleaning.

Getting down to basics

The main difference between the hot water extraction method which Carpet Cleaning Kings uses and steam cleaning is basically the temperature of the water. Simple really! In order for a carpet to be steam cleaned, there has to be steam present. In other words the water has to boil and reach a temperature which produces gas. However applying steam to a carpet is not an effective method of rinsing out the cleaning solution. Conversely hot water extraction only requires for the water to be hot. Not so hot that it turns into steam but hot enough to clean into the depths of the carpet.


The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend that their carpets be cleaned using hot water extraction since this process prevents fibres from shrinking and also removes stains well. Steam on the other hand is best avoided when it comes to stains because it sets them in permanently. Some cleaning companies use steam to clean synthetic carpets and often believe that it makes for better cleaning. We’d recommend that homeowners refrain from renting or buying equipment such as extractors and steamers to clean their carpets themselves since inexperience or sub standard equipment could cause your carpet to be soaked, lead to a large amount of detergent residue, and inadequate ventilation could cause mould to grow. When you employ a professional carpet cleaning company such as Carpet Cleaning Kings we only use state-of-the-art hot water extractors together with eco-friendly gentle detergents which are effective at cleaning and removing stains and leave little or no residue behind. Our powerful vacuums remove most of the water that has been pumped deep down into your carpet and as a result it dries naturally in just a few hours. If you’re looking to have your carpets cleaned then just be aware that there are two different systems which all too often are both referred to as steam cleaning. Be sure, therefore, to check that the company is indeed using hot water extraction to clean your carpets before booking them to do the job. Alternatively, just call Carpet Cleaning Kings and avoid any hassle or worry that your carpets may shrink or get ruined by mould. If you’d like a free quote or to make a booking then give us a call today on 1300 7000 75. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, you can trust us to do a great job.

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