What Exactly Is Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning?

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning

zero residue carpet cleaningOkay, so not a day goes by in this day and age without hearing a mention of ‘carbon footprint’ or ‘the environment’. That said It’s clearly an important topic and one that affects us all. As such it’s everywhere, from the cars that we drive to the food that we eat and even the clothes that we wear, so why not our carpet cleaning? This is where zero-residue carpet cleaning comes in.

Over the years the carpet cleaning industry has been given a bad name, mainly because of the cleaning products that some companies use and not because of the service itself. You see, many soaps and detergents are often made with harsh chemicals. These can leave behind a sticky residue which dirt, dust and bacteria are instantly attracted to. In turn, this makes your nice clean carpet, dirtier, faster. Lesson no 1 – When deep cleaning your carpet, don’t use shampoos!

In addition some harsh chemicals contained within carpet shampoos tend to linger and can prove hazardous for children who are often attracted to the comfort and softness of a carpet to walk and play on. Lesson No 2 – Use the least amount of chemicals possible!

This is exactly what zero-residue carpet cleaning does!

Using a process called hot water extraction, the project begins with a pre-cleaner. Firstly it’s important to be clear that this IS a chemical. However unlike other soap detergents, it’s only used to break up ground-in stains and patches and doesn’t linger. After a pre-conditioner has been applied a wand is then passed over the carpet where super-heated water is then injected deep into the fibres. This breaks up all the dirt and bacteria as well as the pre-conditioner and then extracts it all up leaving the PH balance of your carpet at neutral and your carpet pristine clean.

So to recap…

  • Zero-residue carpet cleaning is the safest methods for children and pets and is carried out using hot water extraction.
  • Chemicals are used but only briefly at the very beginning and once water has been injected through, the pre-cleaner is eradicated, leaving no trace.
  • No shampoos are used therefore there’s no possibility of leaving behind a sticky residue either.

If you want to find out more about zero-residue carpet cleaning then speak to Carpet Cleaning Kings. As a well-established carpet cleaning company in Brisbane, hot water extraction is the only method we use. For a competitive quote then why not contact us on 1300 7000 75 and let us show you what we can do.

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