What’s The Biggest Filter In Your Home?

The Biggest Filter In Your Home

The Biggest Filter In Your HomeHere at Carpet Cleaning Kings we still get a kick on hearing the cries of shock and amazement when we empty the dirty water collected from the recovery bucket after we’ve cleaned a client’s carpet. It seems to drive home the point that their carpet probably wasn’t as clean as they initially imagined. So why does a carpet attract all this dirt, dust and debris? Quite simply because it’s without doubt the largest filter in your home.

Every time an exterior door or windows are opened it acts just as a vacuum would and sucks tiny particles of dust, dirt and pollen which float around in the atmosphere. You know it exists, because it collects on ledges, surfaces and appliances in the form of dust. The particles that don’t fall on surfaces get sucked into your carpet and locked into the carpet fibres. More often than not, when we dust we think we’re removing it from the surface in question and indeed we are, but where does it end up…that’s right…in your carpet. In addition to this, your ever increasing collection of dust is topped up by debris brought in under foot by adults, children and pets.

As your carpet acts as a collection point for all manner of ‘stuff’ it gets compacted down as it’s walked upon. When this happens the dirt and dust acts as an abrasive and rubs away at the carpet fibres. Over time the carpet will appear matted and flat in appearance and when this happens it can be hard to resolve.

The bottom line is that you can’t stop dust coming into your home, nor can you stop your carpet acting as a filter for it. However what you can do is to make sure that it doesn’t build up. Regular daily vacuuming keeps surface dust at bay, but what’s more important is to tackle that deep down dust that’s lodged within the recesses of your carpet fibres. To do this you’ll need to deep clean your rug or carpet.

To DIY or to call in the pros

You can of course hire the equipment and do it yourself, although if you don’t know what you’re doing, use excessive amounts of chemical or use way too much water, you can easily ruin your carpet. The result is that it will end up costing you a lot more in the long run. A professional carpet cleaning company on the other hand knows just what to do in order to get your carpet looking like new in no time at all

If you’re considering giving your carpet a professional clean then you need to contact the Carpet Cleaning Kings. We’ve been serving the people and businesses of Brisbane for many years and as such know exactly how to get the very best out of your carpet. Call us today on 1300 7000 75 and let us show you exactly what we can do. Trust us…you’ll be amazed!

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