The Hidden Dangers Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

The Hidden Dangers Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

The Hidden Dangers Of DIY Carpet CleaningThere’s something about a newly cleaned carpet that makes it appear so welcoming. Perhaps it’s that lovely fresh smell or the soft feel underfoot. Whatever the reason most of us would agree that a clean carpet just makes everyone feel better.

Perhaps you’ve thought about cleaning your carpets yourself after all you’ve probably seen plenty of adverts stating that you can hire a carpet cleaning machine will make your carpet look like new and is really easy to use, too. Good idea, you may think. I’ll go and hire a machine and get the job done this weekend.

So, come Saturday morning you head off to the hire shop and come back with a machine and the relevant detergents. You spend the best part of Saturday slogging away, filling and emptying etc. but will the results be what you had hoped for. Will you be impressed?

If we’re going, to be honest, and upfront with you, then the chances are pretty high that you won’t be. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple really and we’ll give you some facts that will explain our negative thinking. Whether you want to take this on board or not is completely up to you – but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

The machine from the hire store is small

Think about it ….. there is a reason that the machine is small and light. Firstly if the machine was any bigger it wouldn’t fit inside your car boot; and secondly, if it was any heavier you wouldn’t be able to lift it into the boot in the first place.

The next point is that because the machine is small and light, it’s not going to have a lot of power. Yes, we know you thought that a carpet cleaning machine was…. well…. just a carpet cleaning machine, but trust us there are many types of carpet cleaning machines which all produce very different results.

Typically the bigger the carpet cleaning machine, the heavier it gets because of the pumps and internal motors, which enable it to have more power in order to clean better. Expanding on this further, as the power increases along with the size and weight of the machine, the better it will perform in the worst possible conditions. There will be more vacuum, more heat, and more water pressure which in turn leaves carpets cleaner and brighter.

In other words you need to ignore the sales hype which suggests that a hire machine could give you the same result as a professional cleaning machine (which incidentally is not the same thing). In fact we’d go so far as to say that the pictures they show, represent how a clean carpet could look as opposed to one that has actually been cleaned using a hire machine. Think about it logically – if these small hire machines were really that good, why would cleaning companies such as ourselves spend thousands of dollars on professional cleaning machines? Quite simply they don’t do the same job which is why cleaning companies worth their salt, are prepared to invest in the very best equipment out there.

So what about the hidden dangers of DIY cleaning?

Well, they are present, and we often see the results for ourselves and frequently get asked if we can rectify them. So here’s a list for you take a look at. If you’ve tried to clean your carpets yourself, you may be familiar with one or more of the points

  • Disappointing results due to lack of power from the cleaning machine
  • Carpets damp for several days – giving off an unpleasant odor
  • Build up of mold because of incorrect attempts at cleaning
  • Delaminated carpets because of too much water being used
  • Brown discoloration caused by excess water
  • Shrinkage caused by excessive moisture
  • Carpets get dirty again really quickly because of high residue of detergent left behind in the carpet

The actual dangers are with the mold spores which can cause health problems if breathed in by you or members of your family as well as damaged carpets which may have to be replaced.

So if you think that DIY carpet cleaning could save you a few dollars, then think again. It might just cost you more.

If you’d like your carpets cleaned properly or would like a free quote, then get in touch with Carpet Cleaning Kings on 1300 7000 75. We’ve got years of industry experience and a trusted reputation.

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