Which Type Of Carpets Should Go In Which Rooms?

Which Type Of Carpets Should Go In Which Rooms
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Which Type Of Carpets Should Go In Which Rooms While it’s well-documented that carpets provide warmth, cosiness, and insulation they’re also expensive items. Therefore if you’re going to have them fitted you need to make sure they are going to last. One way to do this is to ensure that the right type of carpeting is fitted into the right rooms Let’s take a closer look…

Formal or low traffic areas

For formal or low traffic areas such as dining rooms you might want to invest in a velvet pile carpet. It won’t be good in high traffic areas such as hallways or entrance ways as it will show every footprint. However this type of carpet adds a sumptuous luxurious look to a formal dining space that isn’t used every day. Why not try a neutral colour to enhance any existing decoration or a bold rich colour to add a touch of warmth or a wow factor.

Less formal relaxing spaces

For less formal areas such as bedrooms or living rooms you’d probably be better served with a more relaxed style shag pile carpet. This style of carpet is generally harder to clean than say the tight twisted nap of a frieze yarn, but it suits relaxing spaces well although it will need regular vacuuming.

Entrance ways/ Hall ways

For areas of high traffic use such as entrance ways and hallways you really need a tightly twisted yarn of Jute, Sisal or Berber. Although they don’t have that luxurious feel under foot like velvet or shag pile, they have the ability to withstand huge amounts of wear and tear. What’s more because of the shallow pile, most of the dirt and debris stays on the surface making it easier to vacuum and keep clean. For obvious reasons avoid really light colours, however neutral colours such as beige, or pebble will look bright and fresh. This is also the ideal carpet for basement and recreation rooms as well.

Discounted or cheap carpets?

So now you know what type of carpet best suits what type of room, the question is do you buy discounted or cheap carpets? Cheap carpets (That is…. carpets that are initially cheap) don’t have the same amount of density of more expensive carpets. With low density carpets you can easily see the backing visible through the yarn tufts and as a result it will wear out quicker than higher density varieties. Discounted carpets on the other hand are usually end-of-line pieces which are of a certain quality and will therefore last longer.

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