Discover The Benefits Of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Discover The Benefits Of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning is more versatile than ever before and comes in a great range of colours, materials, and textures allowing you to use it on floors, walls and countertops. The only trouble with grouting is keeping it looking clean and fresh. Daily living can be tough on grout lines making them appear dingy, cracked, and dirty, spoiling what was once a glistening attractive surface. Scrubbing them from time to time may make them more tolerable but in the long run it pays to call in the experts who can restore that “new look” for you.

Cleaning tile grout is an unpleasant job at the best of times, so instead of tackling it yourself, why not take a look at the benefits of choosing a professional company to do it for you. We’ve put together below some of the top reasons to call in the experts:

Gives the appearance of a brand new floor

Professionals have specialist equipment and use the power of steam to lift and remove all of the grime and dirt that has settled between your tiles over time. This revitalises the floor revealing its true beauty and you’ll be amazed at how even a really old floor can be improved with a thorough clean.

Improves the look of your home

Gleaming clean floor make a great first impression and if you’re trying to sell your house, then it’s a ‘must do’ to put on your list.

Gets rid of bacteria and mould

Dirty grout makes an excellent breeding place for bacteria and mould which only a professional clean can eliminate with the use of specialist cleaning materials – leaving your floor clean and sterile.

Provides a deep down clean

Even if you purchase the best equipment on the market, the chances are that it will never be as powerful as that used by professional cleaning companies and therefore the results will not be as good. Combining specialist cleaners and scrubs, a professional can get into the deepest crevices giving a deep down clean which you can’t replicate at home.

No damage to tiles and grout

When it comes to cleaning tiles yourself then you’ll find you need to invest in different cleaning materials for different types of tiles. For instance ceramic tiles need a different cleaner to granite tiles and porcelain tiles require a different cleaner to natural tiles. Professional cleaners will have all the necessary cleaners on board when they arrive and will know which one to use for the best results without causing any damage to your tiles or grout.

Extends the life of tiles and grout

Having your tiles professionally cleaned every couple of years keeps them looking great, offering protection, and extending their life.

Get the job done quickly

A professional will get the job done done far quicker than you ever could, and besides it frees up your time to do something with the kids.

Time and cost efficient

You may think that you’re saving money by opting to clean your tiles yourself but by the time you’ve taken into account the cost of equipment, cleaning materials, and the time you need to spend to do a half decent job, then you’ll find all of this adds up and you may just as well pay someone else to do the job for you.

Most people dread the thought of tile and grout cleaning, so why put yourself through it? Carpet Cleaning Kings is dedicated to keeping all of your hard surfaces clean and sterile and the solution to a better looking floor really is just a phone call away. Give us a call on 1300 7000 75 for a free quote.

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