Preparing your Carpets for Holiday Season

Preparing your Carpets for Holiday Season

The holiday season is right on the corner, and we all know holiday means great laughs, tasty food, and precious time with our loved ones but due to Covid-19 there will still be some restrictions and limitation. This time of year, we are all look forward to celebrate the holidays with our family and few friends – in our homes.

With that being said, your home will probably have more people than usual. This could be because your kids are at home for holiday break, you are hosting a meal or a party, or someone will just dropped by to greet you some holiday cheer. Whatever the reasons are, you want your home to be comfortable for your company – one way to make your home pleasant is by giving your carpets extra love before the guest arrives and keep it in good shape during the holiday season. Here are a few tips that will help your carpets protected

Keeping doormats on your entrance(s)  never underestimate the effectiveness of a simple doormat since they’re your first line of defense on preventing the dirt, mud and foot traffics to get into your carpets. Doormats can protect your carpet from unnecessary staining and wear from all the guests entering and exiting.

Take shoes off at the door  This one may only work as a family house rule, however, to lessen the mess in your carpet this holiday, you can ask your guests to take off their shoes upon entering. You can also have a slipper party and that is a creative and funny way to protect your carpets. Ask your friends and family to come in with their favorite home-slippers. 

Vacuum your carpets frequently   this is an ideal way to prevent everyday dirt and small spills from setting deep into the carpet before adding more dirt that may be come in from your guests.

Professional Deep Cleaning – there will still be some wear and tear as it’s the holiday season no matter how much effort you put in to protect your carpet. However, what matters the most is that you have a great time with your family and friends especially this time of pandemic. Just get your carpet professionally cleaned before and after the party – it is best way for your carpets to get looking great through the holiday season is to have a professional deep cleaner come in.

Call Carpet Cleaning Kings at 1300 7000 75 to schedule a professional deep carpet cleaning appointment so you’ll be ready to go for your holiday gathering!

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