How to Eliminate the 3 Common Enemies of your Carpet

How to Eliminate the 3 Common Enemies of your Carpet

Carpets give a new look to your home. However, if not cared for, they can also lead to dust collection and an unhealthy home. Most people don’t know the common enemies of the carpet and how to keep them at bay. Here is a quick list of some of the common enemies of your carpet.


Well, most of us never considered shoes as an enemy of carpet. But, just think about when you enter your carpet with shoes which carry not only dust but harmful bacteria too. No wonder your carpet is looking dirty and unhealthy. The best way to prevent the carpet from being ruined by dirt and contamination is to ban footwear and especially outdoor footwear on carpeted floors.

You need to make a rule not to wear outdoor footwear inside your home and have a pair of footwear which should be for home use. Also, you can add welcome mats or rugs in high-traffic areas so that the dirt isn’t carried onto the carpet.


The most obvious enemy of the carpet is a spill. But, you may not be able to remove it altogether. So, the key is to ensure you take care of the spills as soon as they happen. It is important to use an effective stain-fighting agent. Shoe polish, coffee, wine, and lipstick are a few kinds of stains that can be very tough to eliminate.

You need to clean the area immediately and make sure you do a deep clean job. If the spill is too tough to handle, it is a good step to bring a professional cleaner to remove the stain for good.


While pets can bring comfort and joy to your house, you need to accept that they are not friends of carpet. Pets’ paws can bring dust and biologic contaminants into the house. Even clean and well-groomed pets may carry traces of urine, dead skins, and feces on their skin. Regular vacuuming along with setting ground rules can be helpful to keep the carpet clean.

If these common enemies are not properly clean and treated it is a must to call the help from professionals. It is important to do a deep clean on your carpets once a year. These 3 common enemies of your carpets often leads to repeat incidents in the same area until it is properly eliminated. That’s why it requires specialized cleaning from the professionals like Carpet Cleaning Kings, well beyond just a simple cleaning and treating. The longer a footmarks, spillages, and pets stains goes untreated, the more likely it penetrate deeper and deeper into your carpets.

Call the Professionals

Professional carpet cleaning should be scheduled at least once a year. This regular scheduling will keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh as well as reducing the need to replace the carpet before its anticipated lifespan. A schedule of regular professional carpet cleaning employing the services of those familiar with the range of requirements will remove the offending microbes in your carpets and rugs, breathing new life into them so your home can look and feel clean. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will preserve your carpet’s appearance and cleanliness while having your furry friends around the house. Carpet Cleaning Kings will help you have a pleasant relationship with carpet and pets. Call us now on 1300 7000 75.

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