How To Make Your Carpet And Furnishings Deep Down Clean Before Your Guests Arrive

Steam Cleaning Carpets and upholstery

Steam Cleaning Carpets and upholsteryWe all like a clean home right, especially when we’ve got friends and family arriving. However it’s good to vacuum and to put a duster round surfaces, but what about those areas that really harbour dust such as your carpet, curtains and upholstery?

There’s nothing more satisfying to know that when you do have guests staying, particularly over the Christmas holidays, that everywhere is well and truly clean. Carpets for example can appear clean, but often when you run your hands through the fibres, they appear gritty. This is because the suction on a normal vacuum cleaner won’t penetrate down deeply enough to suck up all the dirt that’s been trodden deep into your carpet. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning service such as Carpet Cleaning Kings we use the latest hot water extraction systems to penetrate down and loosen the dirt. What’s more powerful suction removes the dirt and the excess water leaving your carpet truly deep-down clean.

Curtains and upholstery

Dust tends to gather in large quantities in curtains and upholstery. To see how much of it is actually in your curtains and upholstery, try ruffling your curtains or cushions on a sunny day and watching the vast swathes of dust circulate round in the atmosphere as they catch in the light. Trust me you’ll be surprised! Again normal and regular vacuuming using special attachments is a good idea to keep the dust down, but if you really want to go for that deep down clean, a reputable carpet cleaning company should also provide a curtain and upholstery cleaning service as part of their repertoire. At Carpet Cleaning Kings we use tools that are tough on stains, dirt and dust but are kind to materials, so your curtains and upholstery will look just like new.


The one thing that often gets forgotten about when cleaning is mattresses. Most people put clean sheets on a bed and forget about what’s lurking underneath. The truth is that if you had a microscopic view of a section of your mattress you’d probably be horrified. Bacteria, hair, dirt and the infamous dust mites will all be present, especially if you haven’t had your mattress cleaned ever. Instead a reputable carpet cleaning company can have your mattresses looking, smelling and feeling like new in no time at all.

Having your place truly spotless for your guests gives you the peace of mind to enjoy the festivities along with everyone else. A good clean will also prolong the life of your carpets, upholstery and mattresses too and what’s more, you haven’t had to do it yourself.

If you want to find out more about how Carpet Cleaning Kings can help then contact us today on 1300 7000 75 and take the strain out of your deep clean.

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