5 Of The Most Commonly Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet CleaningIf you’re considering carpet cleaning then it’s only natural that you would want to know a little about the process and whether there are any risks involved, before going ahead and making a booking.

For this reason we thought we put together a quick compilation of the 5 most commonly asked carpet cleaning questions that we hear from potential customers.


How long should my carpet to take to dry?

This is determined primarily by the type of equipment that the carpet cleaning company is using and how thorough their service is. Typically with hot water extraction which is what we use at Carpet Cleaning Kings the carpet can be dry in as little as one to two hours since our machines are extremely powerful. However, choose a company that cuts corners with budget prices equipment and your carpet could be wet for a couple of days which is potentially harmful to your carpet.

Could my carpet shrink?

Again, this goes hand in hand with cost cutting companies and cheap equipment. Incorrect temperature settings, over wetting and long drying times are all risk you take when you choose a low cost operator. We are meticulous in every detail and out state of the art powerful machines suck out water and debris at high pressure, eliminating any of the above risks.

Are your chemicals safe for my kids and my pets?

We only use chemicals which have been tested for their safety and impact on the environment when we carry out carpet cleaning. These are all of the highest quality, industry accredited proven safe chemicals which are perfectly safe around the whole family and your pets.

What’s the difference between a machine I can hire myself and your equipment?

Thousands of dollars! But it’s more than just the value of the machinery we use. We’re highly trained professionals with years spent in the industry and not only can we recognise all types of carpets but we also know just which solutions to use on them, which are both safe and effective. Compared to machines you rent for yourself, our machines are high performance, extremely powerful and will dry your carpets far quicker.

Do I need to move all my furniture out of the room?

If you can remove as much furniture as possible then we can clean the carpet from wall to wall. However, if you’re unable to do so, then your technicians will give you a hand to move certain large items. If you’re vacating a property then we ask that you arrange for us to clean the carpets once all of the furniture has been removed It would also be helpful if you can pick up small items such as pet and children’s toys and tuck curtains up out of the way. Please also remove any small, delicate items which could get easily broken.

If you’re in need of carpet cleaning then you can trust Carpet Cleaning Kings to do an excellent job. Why not all for a free quote on 1300 7000 75 or contact us online at www.arpetcleaningkings.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

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