How Long Does It Take A Carpet To Dry After Cleaning And Why Is This important?

A Carpet To Dry After Cleaning
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A Carpet To Dry After CleaningArguably the best way to clean a carpet is through steam cleaning. More commonly known as hot water extraction, it’s the only method that penetrates right down into the carpet fibres removing any unwanted debris and bacteria. The issue is that because it requires the use of water carpets are likely to remain damp for a considerable time after. While you may simply consider a damp carpet to be nothing more than an inconvenience, the fact is that the longer a carpet remains damp the more it can impact on your health. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at why carpets need to be dried quickly and why this is important.

The 24 hour rule

If a carpet remains damp beyond 24 hours it’s possible that the damp fibres can start to attract microbial growth. This in turn creates mould and mildew which can soon spread to other parts of the house. In addition as you’re probably aware mould spores can also be carried in the air and can easily be breathed in. While not overly dangerous for healthy adults it can impact on the health of children, the elderly, and those with existing conditions such as asthma and other chest problems. Not only this, when a wet carpet is walked upon it compresses the fibres contributing to wear and tear which ultimately decreases it’s life expectancy.

Now you know this… how do you get your carpet dry within the 24 hour window?

It all depends upon how much water has gone into your carpet and the climate you live in. The first point can easily be addressed by hiring an experienced contractor. They should have the relevant equipment that delivers the exact amount of water that will eradicate deep down bacteria, but won’t overly soak your carpet. The second point however is more difficult.

Regions with more humidity means that carpet drying times will take longer. For this reason you may need some added help in the form of dehumidifiers, air movers, and fans to get your carpet dry fast. Stationary moisture in the air can stagnate slowing up the drying process. This is why air movers are vital to keep the supply of air flowing, while fans dry the carpet itself.

Alternatively, if you reside in an arid dry climate, you might only need to open all the doors and windows and let the air circulate naturally.

Using either/or of these methods properly should allow a carpet to be fully dry within 12 hours and for most carpets, this is an agreeable drying period.

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