4 Top Tips To Keeping Your Carpet Looking Great This Christmas

Carpet Looking Great This Christmas
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Carpet Looking Great This ChristmasFor most people Christmas is a time for celebration and for a coming together of friends and family. If a family gathering is likely to take place in your home over the festive period, then it’s likely that your carpet will bear the brunt of it. Although nothing beats a professional carpet clean, there are steps you can take to ensure that your carpets lasts the distance. Here are 4 top tips.

Deploy floor mats

While it mightn’t be possible to ask everyone to remove their shoes before entering your home the next best thing is a strategically placed door mat or two. A door mat has the ability to remove over 90% of any dirt/debris found on a shoe before it gets deposited on your carpet. Even if you don’t normally use them, they’re not expensive to buy and can save a lot of expense in cleaning bills in the long-term.

Be ready for stains

It’s inevitable that someone is going to spill or drop something over your carpet during the festive period. Whether your groaning buffet table has caused them to load to much food onto their plate, or whether they’re trying to juggle several drinks while making their way across your carpet, accidents happen. This being the case, the key is to act quickly. As soon as a spillage occurs you’ll need to spring into action. Most spills can easily be removed as long as they haven’t had time to soak in. Once they do then it becomes harder to shift them so speed is the key.

Vacuum regularly

You might get away with vacuuming once a week at other times of the year, but at Christmas time this probably isn’t feasible. It’s not just about keeping everything looking clean for your guests, instead excess grit can easily be trampled into your carpet causing damage to your carpet fibres. Vacuuming once a day during this period will ensure the best protection for your carpet.

Don’t forget to water your Christmas tree

If you have a real Christmas tree indoors then it should be watered regularly. This avoids dozens of pine needles from falling into your carpet. While you’ll obviously be cleaning up far less mess, it also prevents needles from causing abrasions on your carpet as they’re trod in. Combine this with regular vacuuming for best results.

So there you have it – Four top tips for keeping your carpet looking great this Christmas. If you feel it’s about time you treated your carpet to a professional carpet clean, then why not contact Carpet Cleaning Kings. We’ve been in the industry for many years and have a team of highly-skilled, highly experienced technicians who can get your carpet looking like new in no time at all. Call us for a free, no obligation quote on 1300 7000 75 today.

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