How Carpet Cleaning Can Make You More Money

How Carpet Cleaning Can Make You More Money

How Carpet Cleaning Can Make You More MoneyIf you’re wondering how on earth you can possibly make money when you’re not even a carpet cleaner then the answer lies in the way you look to sell your home. If you’ve ever read the tips of maximizing your house value on a Real Estate’s website or watched any of the property shows on TV, then you’ll find they all have the same thing in common in that almost half of the tips involve cleaning of one sort or another.

Aside from choosing the right agent with clever negotiating powers, the first cleaning stage is what we might term “a spring clean”. The general consensus of opinion is always to de-clutter your home so that potential buyers can see what they’re getting and visualize their own furniture in your rooms and what use they would make of each one. If your home has too much furniture and clutter, then it’s often difficult to see past all of that. The trick is to put a lot of your furniture and belongings into storage so that you display a more minimalistic vision, even if that isn’t your normal way of living.

Thorough clean of all areas
Once you’ve de-cluttered all of your rooms then you need to get to work with some deep cleaning and this includes all of your carpets. Fresh, sparkling clean carpets make all the difference to a potential buyer especially once they see that there won’t be any additional outlay on floor coverings needed. As well as the carpets you need to concentrate on clearing cobwebs in the corners, dusting blinds and ceiling fans and ensuring kitchen and bathrooms taps are gleaming.

The second cleaning stage is to give your property kerb appeal and this means washing down exterior paintwork or even giving it a new lick of paint, fixing any fencing or paving and adding a few flowers in a tub or hanging basket.

Now is also a time to fix any of those small niggling problems that you’ve been putting off, like a kitchen cabinet door that isn’t hanging properly or the damp spot on the bathroom ceiling. Also, pet owners beware. Although many of us love our pets, those who don’t may be put off if your house has some unwelcome pet smells lingering. So if you can’t remove the smells yourself then call in a professional carpet cleaner who can help.

Take some photos
Finally, when all is finished and your house is ready for the market, take some pictures after all it may never look that good again! Should you sell for more than you thought, you’ll also have good memories of how good your house looked, if only for a short while.

Here at Carpet Cleaning Kings we’ve decades of experience in cleaning carpets and offer a whole range of other services including upholstery cleaning, move out cleaning, hard surface cleaning and pet odour removal, so if you’re looking to get your house gleaming, then give us a call on 1300 7000 75 to see what we can do for you.

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