5 Great Carpet Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

5 tips

5 tipsAt Carpet Cleaning Kings we’ve been in the industry for decades and during this time it’s fair to say that we’ve encountered all manner of carpets. Obviously when we clean a carpet for a customer we bring our state-of-art-equipment, and this coupled with the knowledge of our highly trained technicians, delivers an end result that’s usually pretty spectacular (or so our customers tell us anyhow!). However we thought it would be interesting to tell you how we care for our own carpets at home when we encounter the inevitable stains or sticky substances. With this in mind, here are 5 great cleaning tips that you at home can use to keep your carpets looking fresh.

Always blot never rub

Aside from speed, the next essential thing when you encounter a stain is to always dab, never rub. By rubbing a stain you’re essentially spreading it deeper into the carpet fibres making it more difficult to remove by hand.

Soda water

You’ve probably heard that to remove wine and beer stains you need to apply soda water. An old wives tale? Well believe it or not, it really does work. The carbon dioxide in the soda water helps to lift the stain. Dab gently with a cloth dipped in soda water. Wait 5 minutes, then remove with a clean dry cloth. You may have to repeat the process for larger stains, but if you do it right the stain should be no more.

Freeze chewing gum

So you’ve discovered chewing gum on your carpet! What are you going to do? The best solution is to head to the freezer and take out some ice cubes. Touch the gum with the ice cubes until it appears frozen or rigid. Then gently use a spoon or knife to remove it from your carpet taking care to snip any remaining carpet strands that still show remains of the gum. Remember if you cut only a tiny amount of carpet, it won’t be noticeable.

The shaving gel trick

Yes that’s right, shaving gel is a great substance for removing most types of general stain. Apply directly onto the stain and let it sit for around 30 minutes. Once the cream looks to be set, then carefully blot away.


Everyone loves a candle right? The trouble is that hot wax can have a tendency to drip onto your carpet where it sets in globules. So just how do you remove it? By heating it up. Place a cloth over the area and put a hot iron over the top to warm the wax up. When the wax becomes pliable, simply scrape it off with a knife.

Bonus tip

Okay so here at Carpet Cleaning Kings, we like to give real value for money, so we’re offering a bonus tip – and that’s to deep clean regularly.

It might be an added expense, but did you know that by having your carpets cleaned every 9-12 months depending upon use you actually extend the life of it by as much as 10 years. If you want to find out more about caring for your carpet or would like us to quote you for a professional carpet clean, then give us a call on 1300 7000 75 today!

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