Got A Pet Odour Problem On Your Carpet – What’s The Solution?

Pet urine removal
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Pet urine removalThere’s no denying that our family pets bring us lots of fun and a multitude of happy memories. However no matter how well they’re trained, they often have a tendency to leave us little presents to tell us that they’re still around. One of the biggest issues that home owners have with pets is urine contamination. When urine is deposited on carpets or upholstery it’s one of the most difficult things to remove and presents three main problems.

First of all you have the most obvious problem which is the odour. Urine can be an extremely unpleasant smell that appears worse after time. Then just when you think it’s gone away, it returns again with a vengeance. So why is this? To put it simply, when the odour molecules and alkaline salts come into contact with heat, moisture or humidity the odour that’s been laying dormant is reactivated. What’s worse is that even the very act of cleaning has the ability to reactivate it.

The second problem with urine is that it’s unsanitary and as such it becomes an immediate breeding ground for a vast array of different types of bacteria. As such, when thinking about cleaning, the carpet or fabric itself also needs to be sanitised so that the germs remain eradicated.

The final problem is that urine is an acid and therefore has the ability to suck the colour out of your carpet. How much this happens depends on the amount of time the urine has been there and how strong the alkaline salts contained within the urine are. There are also other factors to consider such as the physical condition of the animal and the type of carpet or upholstery it’s been deposited on.


Firstly it’s worth pointing out that there are no magic sprays or powder solutions that will solve this problem especially from those that offer ‘guaranteed’ pet odour neutralisation claims. Instead answers may include specialised enzyme treatment, carpet or upholstery pre-treatments, even cleaning and sealing the sub-floor beneath the carpet. As every situation is different a skilled carpet cleaning technician will be able to access the situation and recommend the correct treatment.

If you have a pet odour problem and need to eradicate it fast, then you need to speak to Carpet Cleaning Kings. We’ve been serving the residents and businesses of Brisbane and the suburbs for many years and as such our highly skilled technicians know just what to do when faced with any given carpet or upholstery situation. Don’t let a lingering smell spoil your room, contact us on 1300 7000 75 today.

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