DIY Carpet Cleaning – Is It Really Such A Good Idea?

DIY Carpet Cleaning
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DIY Carpet CleaningHiring a professional carpet cleaning service doesn’t come cheap so it’s understandable that you might want to have a go yourself and save yourself a ton of money in the process. After all it’s easy to hire the equipment so why not? While given the right circumstances it might be a good idea, it also poses it’s own problems that you really should be aware of.

Strenuous activity

If you get out of puff vacuuming your carpet then you really shouldn’t attempt a full carpet clean. Giving your carpet the same level of cleaning as a professional would requires a lot of rigorous movement, bending, and lifting of heavy machinery, so if you’re breaking sweat just thinking about it, then it might be best to give it a miss.

Insufficient knowledge

How complicated can it be to remove a stain from a carpet? If you know what you’re doing, then the answer is not very. However if you’re simply ‘winging it’ then you could end up causing more damage than you first started off with. Also you need to remember that different carpets require different approaches as they come in all shapes and sizes from fine delicate rugs through to heavy-duty shag pile. As a result incorrect cleaning might not only damage the carpet thus lessening it’s shelf-life, it can also become susceptible to new degrees of staining and dirt.

Overdoing the water

Most carpet cleaning kits that you hire aren’t as powerful as the type that most seasoned carpet cleaning companies use. For instance they don’t have the powerful vacuums that are needed to suck up the water. This is key because if you leave too much water in the carpet for any length of time the it can become susceptible to mould. Once this happens then aside from being dangerous, it will ruin your carpet completely as there’s a strong chance that it can’t be saved. What’s more too much water can also shrink certain types of carpet so that it no longer fits the area. As a result you really have to be careful.

Not as cost-saving as you might think

In terms of equipment hire, cleaning supplies, time taken to achieve the desired results (if at all) and the physical strain of doing so, it’s probably far better to initially pay that little bit extra knowing that at the end of the day, you’re going to have a great looking carpet that not looks clean but feels clean too.

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