Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Uncovered

Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Uncovered
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Common Carpet Cleaning Myths UncoveredInvesting in quality carpet for your home can make a large dent in your wallet which is why it’s worth taking good care of it from the outset in order to keep it looking fresh and clean and to help it last longer. The thing is, there are so many myths circulating about carpet cleaning which is why we thought we’d take this opportunity of uncovering them and telling you the truth.

Myth 1 – If my carpet is only a year old then it can’t possibly want cleaning

The fact is that many people think that their carpet doesn’t need cleaning because it doesn’t look dirty to the eye. However, if they refrain from getting it cleaned and wait until it actually does look dirty, then there’s a good chance that the damage has already been done. Dirt deep within the carpet fibres is what causes your carpet to flatten down and to look dirty and regular vacuuming alone cannot remove this.

Myth 2 – My carpet will shrink after cleaning

The truth here is that your carpet will only shrink if it gets soaked with water and doesn’t dry quickly. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced carpet cleaner. An inexperienced carpet cleaner is likely to use too much water when cleaning your carpet and if they don’t have powerful machinery to extract it, then the carpet will take an age to dry and is likely to shrink leaving a big gap around the edges.

Myth 3 – I do not need to vacuum my carpet every day

You may have heard it said that once a week is sufficient to vacuum your carpet but this is outdated information. In fact carpet manufacturers recommend that your carpet be vacuumed on a daily basis, if at all possible, so that dirt and dust does not build up on your carpet. This will help your carpet stay clean for longer and reduce indoor pollutants which can cause allergies. Vacuuming every day can in fact prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

Myth 4 – I don’t need a professional cleaner when I can use a shop bought machine and chemicals instead

Shop bought cleaning products are not the same as the ones that professionals use. Instead they are often full of harmful chemicals and toxins which can damage your carpet and the health of you and your family. Often they change the colour of your carpet and 9 times out of 10, they simply don’t work.

Most of the carpet cleaning machines on the market use a lot of water to clean your carpet and do not have sufficient power to extract enough of it, so your carpet remains soaking wet. Left like this it’s likely to develop mildrew and mould.

Myth 5 – I can keep my carpets fresh and smelling nice with shop bought products

Most of these ‘shake and vac’ type products contain talcum powder which is difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner from your carpet, and therefore it is likely to accummulate. This can be problematic if your carpet is exposed to water and may mean that your carpet has to be replaced after just a couple of years.

We have been in the industry for many years and have all the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to maintain your carpets and keep them looking as good as new. Contact us to make a booking or for a free quote to clean your carpet by calling Carpet Cleaning Kings on 1300 7000 75.

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