When Did You Last Clean Your Mattress?

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When did you last Clean your Mattress?
Did you know that you spend almost a third of your life asleep on your mattress? That said, we bet you can’t remember when you last gave it a good clean. In fact the sofa that’s seldom used in your living room has probably seen the bristles of your vacuum cleaner more times. It really is time to change all that. Not only will a clean mattress help promote a good night’s sleep but it can also protect you from costly and nasty pest infestations and help your mattress to last longer.

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When did you last Clean your Mattress?

If you were to see what’s lurking in your mattress then we’re sure you’d be horrified. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there and without treatment, it’s certainly not going to go anywhere soon.

The average mattress can be contaminated with excrement from dust mites, dead flakes of skin, mould spores, and bacteria – ugh! This can be harmful to your health and that of your family. In fact, scientific studies have revealed that Guanine, which is an allergen found in dust mite excrement, is directly responsible for many allergic reactions and can also cause lifelong allergies.

Dust mites aren’t fussy about whose mattress they choose to set up home in and a double mattress can accommodate up to 1 million dust mites at any time. They love the fact that it’s nice and warm for roughly 8 hours a night, and that there’s a ready supply of food in the form of dry skin flakes. In fact, they eat so much that they excrete twice double their body weight at least once a day.

So, how does a person come into contact with dust mites?

When you move around on the mattress it acts almost like a set of bellows and sends dust particles containing Guanine up into the air. These particles make their way through the bedding and land on your face and skin so that you breathe them in as you sleep.

Although you may not suffer from allergies wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you’re not sharing your bed with thousands of dust mites every night?

Specialist mattress cleaning

At Carpet Cleaning Kings we use special mattress cleaning materials and sanitising methods that not only remove general dirt, stains, and odours but also hygienically remove the bad guys without using any chemicals that are toxic. We recommend that your mattress should be cleaned twice a year to keep it fresh and clean.

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