What Are The Main Causes Of Carpet Odours And What Can Be Done?

Main Causes Of Carpet Odours
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Main Causes Of Carpet OdoursCarpets can add a real homely, warming feel while helping to enhance the décor. However, if they aren’t looked properly they can look jaded and worn. What’s more, they also start to smell less fresh. So what causes carpet odours and what can be done?


Carpets contain many fibres, all of which are capable of holding onto both dirt and moisture. Over time, a build up of moisture can lead to mildew which in turn gives off that musty smell. For most people, it’s the primary cause of odours in carpets. It can also be caused by water spills, leaks, flooding, and even improper steam cleaning.

Pet urine

If you have pets, then you’ll be only too aware that accidents happen. Unfortunately, with pet urine, even after you’ve cleaned it up, the smell can still linger for days and even months. In fact, you’ll probably be able to smell it more on a warm day because temperature initiates the ammonia contained urine.

Food and drink spills

Pungent foods such as curry and drinks, like red wine, can on some occasions leave behind a lingering after-smell. Even though the spill has been cleared up.

So what should you do?

Firstly, look to get the problem dealt with as soon as you notice the smell. In most cases, the earlier carpet odours are tackled the greater chance of an odour free carpet. Besides, having to live with a bad smelling carpet can seriously impact on your quality of life. It can also be a major source of embarrassment every time you have visitors.

Sometimes, simply cleaning the carpet is enough to eradicate the bad smell. But in many cases, it won’t be, as the padding may well be stained and this could be where the smell is emanating from. If this is the case then you might need to change the padding completely, or at least the section where the smell is coming from.

Assuming that either all is okay with the padding, or you’ve replaced a section yourself, you can now tackle the problem of getting the smell out of your carpet. It’s best to use a cleaning solution of vinegar and water. But you do have to be careful it won’t damage the color of your carpet. You don’t put too much water onto an already moist carpet. If you’re happy to proceed, then dip a sponge in the solution and gently dab the affected area. It might pay to try it on an unnoticeable piece of carpet first, just in case there are any slight color changes. Once you’re happy that the area has been cleaned, gently use a fan or hair dryer on a low setting to make sure the area is thoroughly dry.



If you don’t have the time or the inclination to put into practice any of the above then, why not call in a professional carpet cleaner instead. An experienced carpet cleaning company, such as Carpet Cleaning Kings. We know how to not only get your carpet deep-down clean, but also smelling fresh too. So if you’re in two minds whether to tackle it yourself or call in the pros, contact us on 1300 7000 75 and get a free, no-obligation quote. Don’t let your carpet odours affect your quality of life any longer. We’re confident that when you choose us, you’ll be suitably impressed.

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