10 Ways to Allergy-Proof your Home

ways to allergy proof your home

ways to allergy proof your home

All of us regard the vision of a home similarly, whether you live alone or with four family members. Your home should be a place of peace where you can enjoy and relax after the hustle and the bustle of day to day life. Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable in, not tired and discouraged. Your home should be organized and free of clutter especially if you are suffering from allergies. Mold, mildew, roaches, pests and dust could pose a serious health risk if you or a family member is prone to allergies. Bed bugs and dust mites could trigger allergic reactions that will surely leave you itching and sneezing. Here’s a handy guide of the things that you can do to protect your home from pesky allergens and be itch-free.


Maintaining a clean and breathable air is crucial for a healthier living home since most allergens are air-borne. Having clean breathable air inside your home would surely reduce your chances of contracting airborne allergies. Aside from being free from airborne allergies, you’ll also be helping the planet become a better place to live in for all of us. So, go ahead and ditch those chemicals found in your home cleaners and fresheners. Bear in mind that air fresheners are more often packed with compounds that are highly toxic and allergic. Alternatively, you can make do with homemade cleaning solutions and essential oils if you want to add a fresh aroma. Additionally, you can try circulating the air inside your home by opening your windows or using an air purifier.


We are used to cleaning only the areas that are easily seen and reachable that we oftentimes forget to clean out-of-sight corners. If you have storage spaces underneath your sink or have a storage shed, it is important to clean them out regularly. Be sure to remove everything inside and see to it that the pipes are in pristine working condition. Dark and damp places are breeding grounds for mold and mildew which easily attract roaches, rats and pests.


Your bedrooms and bathrooms must be kept well-cleaned and ventilated to ensure that it is not a likely candidate for mold. If mold has started to seep in, you should get rid of it immediately by using products that are meant to kill out the pesky fungus. Otherwise, it will spread fast and get out of control faster than you can say help and it would be the leading cause of illness. Be sure that your cabinets, counters and tiles are properly dried off. If you notice any broken tiles, avoid getting it wet as it will most likely be grounds for mold growth.


Fabric drapes are the leading targets for airborne allergens. It easily traps dust particles which couldn’t easily be seen by the naked eye. Thus, try switching to a convenient alternative by installing blinds, since blinds do not trap as many dust particles as fabric drapes do. Blinds are easier to clean. However, if you don’t have any other alternative, then you can make do by machine washing your drapes or curtains regularly.


An air purifier would be a clever investment for your home if you or a family member is  prone to seasonal allergies. Air purifiers could help in purifying the air inside your home. Airborne allergens though will land in your carpet, furniture and beddings here it could linger, thus regular home vacuuming is essential to effectively eliminate the leading reason why you’re suffering from allergies.


Buying a high-quality vacuum cleaner for your home would be a wise investment that will allow you to benefit from allergy-free home. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter would be the best vacuum cleaner to choose. A HEPA filter is made with a fine mesh that traps out tiny dust particles.


The entrance to your home is one of the places where you should pay much attention to. Visitors and family members should always see to it to remove their shoes prior to entering to avoid scattering allergens all over your precious home. Placing a doormat outside your door and inside the doorway would be a great way of preventing mud and other pollution from getting inside your home. Ensure that you change your doormat regularly as it would collect tons of dirt over time.


Most of us love to adorn our homes with wall-to-wall carpet without even thinking of the amount of dust and allergen that the carpet has collected over time. Despite daily carpet vacuuming, there would still be enough particles left that would trigger you or your family’s allergies. So consider replacing your home carpet with a better flooring alternative. Nowadays, a wide range of flooring choices are available for you to choose from. Be  sure to choose one that is easy to clean and would stand the test of time. Remember that your flooring is an investment that should help your home be rid of allergens.


Your bedroom should be your first priority. We almost spend half of our lives inside the bedroom and on the bed. So don’t forget to regularly change out linens and be sure to launder it with hot water. It would be wise to purchase a mattress cover and pillow protector. Never allow your pets inside your bedroom if you are suffering from allergies as this would be a huge contributor to your allergies.


Cockroaches could be the source of your unending allergies. They tend to leave behind droppings that will highly trigger your allergies. Ensure that all garbage cans are emptied regularly so as to get rid of this pesky crawling creatures. Set out roach traps, use pest killers. Should the need arise, it would be best to call the services of a professional exterminator to do the job for you and ensure that your home is free from allergy causing pests. Hope these guidelines would help you in your journey of allergy-proofing your home.

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