hot water extraction If you’ve never heard of the term ‘hot water extraction’ then it’s hardly surprising. Most times it’s inaccurately referred to a steam cleaning. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter what this method of carpet cleaning is called, you just need to know that it is the very best form of carpet cleaning, when carried out by professionals.

Don’t just take our word for it

Naturally we’re going to be pushing our service, but if you’re still in doubt then just look closer into the carpet industry itself to see what method it recommends both for carpets and upholstery. There is a reason that most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction (including warranties) to clean the carpets in your home and office, and there is also a reason why the most proficient carpet cleaning companies choose hot water extraction as their preferred method of choice.

How hot water extraction works

The term ‘steam’ is very misleading since in most cases there is no actual steam involved and certainly not as the main cleaning agent. Instead hot water and cleaning agents are pumped into your carpet at high pressure where they work to loosen up soil, dirt, and grime. Using almost the same motion, a high powered vacuum then removes the hot water as well as all the dirt and stains in your carpet.

Bigger is definitely better

If you’re shopping around for a steam cleaner for your carpet then you need to be aware that there are a wide variety of models on the market. Portable units are popular and can easily be rented out for the day. They do a fairly decent task of cleaning your carpet but aren’t as efficient as the more powerful truck mounted units which carpet cleaning companies will have. Truck mounted units are able to propel the hot water into your carpet using much more pressure so that they clean better. Their vacuum systems are also superior, so more of the cleaning agents’ residue and water is removed, to leave your carpets drier and in less need of frequent cleaning.

When to call in the professionals

Unfortunately many people make the mistake of leaving their carpets for years, until it barely resembles the one they originally purchased, before calling in the pros. If you want to maintain the looks of your carpet and extend its longevity it’s best to have it cleaned at least once a year by a professional cleaning company. Carpets take one heck of a daily bashing what with dirt being carried in on shoes, animals on the carpet, not to mention the addition of fleas and bugs taking up residence. The more often your carpet is cleaned with hot water extraction, the less time you’ll need to spend worrying about these things being present. Instead you can relax and watch your family and friends spend time on your beautifully maintained clean carpet.

If your carpet is due an annual clean or in need of spot or stain removal, then give Carpet Cleaning Kings a call on 1300 7000 75. We use only the best state- of-the-art hot water extraction machines and eco friendly cleaning products, so put us to the test.