3 Important Factors To Take Into Consideration When Spot Cleaning Your Carpet

Consideration When Spot Cleaning Your Carpet
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Consideration When Spot Cleaning Your CarpetAnyone that has children will know that food, drink, and carpets don’t mix. From tomato sauce to orange juice parents will be only too aware that carpet spills are an everyday hazard. That said we can’t really lay all the blame at the feet of our kids. What about that glass of red wine you accidentally knocked over, or that 12 inch deep crust pizza that took a tumble when you got over excited because your team scored an amazing goal?

The bottom line is that accidents happen and unfortunately more often than not, it’s your carpet that catches the brunt of it. In order to stop your pristine rug from looking more shabby than chic it’s important to act fast once a food or drink spillage has occurred. The quicker you act the easier the spill will come off instead of absorbing deep into the pile. With this in mind, here are 3 important factors to take into consideration when spot cleaning your carpet.

Blot never rub

When confronted with a stain never try to rub the stain. All this does is push the stain further into the fibres of your carpet causing them to mat. Instead always blot spills by placing a paper towel on to the affected area and then pushing down with the heel of your hand. Repeat using dry towel until all the liquid has been absorbed. For larger spills you might want to use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the worst of the spill prior to blotting.

Mix your own solution

Yes you can buy carpet stain removers, but you mightn’t always have it or have run out, just when you need it most. Instead try mixing your own. Try diluting a few drops of a clear type of washing up liquid in some water. (Creamy looking liquids may be prone to leaving a sticky residue). Avoid laundry detergent because it’s way too alkaline and if the area is greasy try mixing both soap and vinegar in a little water. A top tip is to place the solution into a spray bottle and mist the area. Leave for a few minutes and the blot with a towel. Finally spray the area with warm water, leave for a few more minutes and blot clean. For extra stubborn stains repeat these steps Remember don’t rub!

Rinse sparingly

You can do a lot of damage to a carpet if it gets too much moisture so it’s important to use water sparingly when spot cleaning your carpet. Never get it really wet otherwise it could be prone to mould. This is why using a spray bottle is ideal. If after you’ve cleaned up the spill the area is still a little damp then you might want to dry it using a standard plug-in hair dryer on a low setting.

If your carpet has had its fair share of spills and is looking a little jaded then let Carpet Cleaning Kings bring your carpet back to life. Having been in the industry for many years we use the latest hot water extraction equipment to make sure that your carpet is left as good as new. Contact us today on 1300 7000 75 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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