Why Rug Cleaning Isn’t Carried Out On Site

Rug Cleaning Isn’t Carried Out On Site

Rug Cleaning Isn’t Carried Out On SiteIf you’re considering rug cleaning then you’d be better off not doing it in your home. Why? Because of two main reasons. Firstly you just aren’t going to get the rug thoroughly cleaned (more about this later) and secondly, you could cause more harm than good.

For as long as rugs have been made, they’ve also been washed. In days of old this task was carried out by washer women who would take their rugs down to the river bank give them a thorough dousing. Once thoroughly soaked and scrubbed they would leave them to dry naturally in the sun. However before any water went anywhere near a rug it was usually hung on a line and beaten to within an inch of it’s life. The reason for this is that rugs (especially the woollen variety) have the ability to hold a lot of dust. When we say a lot of dust we’re talking pounds of the stuff. In fact most people are really surprised when they see the amount of soil that’s been extracted from their ‘conceivably’ clean rug.

So why do rugs hold so much soil?

If you examine a wool fibre under a microscope it has the appearance of fish scales. As a result it contains lots of layers or tiny pockets in which soil and grit can be stored. This is the reason why a wool rug can hold pounds of debris and still not look particularly dirty. The issue is that normal vacuuming doesn’t particularly work because it only ever removes the very top layer of dirt. For this reason a rug should be removed from the premises and a heavier dusting machine or an upright beater bar used to extract the maximum amount of debris.

What about washing?

Most rugs can be washed but the important thing to bear in mind is that unlike carpets, rugs (especially the wool type) need to be fully saturated. It’s the only way to flush out any remaining pockets of debris. Again this isn’t really possible to do inside of the home and is better carried out on an inclined wash floor. A fully saturated rug is also a heavy one because those same pockets that once held the debris, now contain a lot of water.

The drying process

As rugs become heavy with water the right equipment is needed to extract the highest amount of water quickly before any damage is done. Advanced rapid drying equipment such as high volume extractors and super-fast air flow systems are key to this process. Again this isn’t something that can normally be carried out on the premises.

At Carpet Cleaning Kings we operate a first class rug cleaning service. We’ll make sure your rug is thoroughly cleaned, washed, and dried to give it an all round superior clean. To find out more contact us on 1300 7000 75 and talk to our highly experienced team today.

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