Why Is Hot Water Extraction Best For Your Carpets?


No doubt that a carpet is already part and important in our house since it is what makes a room look elegant and colourful. Carpets can be in both our living room and bedrooms. However, the carpet should be thoroughly cleaned so that it does not lose its beauty. There is no doubt that if a carpet is clean and dust free, it revitalizes our rooms.

Hot Water Extraction is considered as best method in carpet cleaning here in Australia since it remove each and every dirt that may be found in your carpet that leaves your carpet looked fresh, new and shinning. This method will not only eliminate the soiling in your carpet, it can also remove the germs that may be present that can cause allergies or sometimes, illness.

In this method, there are two commonly types of machines that are used to clean carpets:

  • Portable Machine – a small and easy to carry and best in cleaning small carpets. It can also generate water and steam hence making it easy to mix the cleaning solutions.
  • Truck-mount Machine – with a very high pressure, it works by putting in water and solutions deeper in to your carpets. It leaves you a very clean carpet as it can clean deeper than all the other machines. This is usually used for cleaning big carpets.

Most of companies use Hot Water Extraction to clean carpet or upholstery for their client. During hot water extraction process, professionals usually applied an appropriate pre-conditioner – a cleaning solution on the carpet to loosen and break up the soil. Then they spray hot water onto the carpet fibers and extract it immediately using a high power vacuum to remove the hot water together with the dirt, soil, and stains.

Although, easy at may sound and there are steam cleaners and extractors available for rental or purchase, doing the job yourself might not be the best idea as these types of cleaners can soak the carpet, leave cleaning solution residue and lead to mold and without proper ventilation for drying. Professional cleaners follow a process that prevents destroying your carpets and attract dirt and lead to dirty carpets faster. Professional carpet cleaners remove as much of the water as possible and ensure that the carpets dry quickly.

Here at Carpet Cleaning Kings, we have our well-trained and skilled technician that use pressurized hot water extraction process, which uses a combination of high water pressure and hot water to increase the rate of reaction. Our well-trained and skilled technician. Call us now at 1300 7000 75!

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