Why I Should Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Why You Should Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professionals carpet cleaner have two advantages over homeowners trying to clean their own carpets; (1) more expertise, and (2) far more advanced equipment. They understand the different types of fibres (wool or synthetic) and which cleaning method to use since carpets may require different treatments. Professionals, such as Carpet Cleaning Kings are trained in the science behind removing stains and will know which cleaning products can be safely used without risk of bleaching or staining your carpet. The purpose of professional carpet cleaning is to remove the maximum amount of dirt, bacteria and all signs of soil from the carpet while minimising the potential damage to the floor coverings.
To give you an idea of what’s going on when you’re carpets are being cleaned by an experienced professional. Here’s what they do:


Before starting any cleaning procedure, the carpet should thoroughly vacuumed first. Vacuuming with a high filtration (HEPA) is the best option to accomplish this since soil cannot be successfully removed without the use of professional equipment. Most soils in any carpet are not just ordinary soil, they’re hard to get rid off and it is best to remove these by agitation and dry vacuuming. Soils will be even harder to remove once they’ve become wet. So, it is essential that dry vacuuming is always the first step in the process.


Most of this step occurs during the pre-conditioning process – a chemical process assisted by agitation. The main goal of soil suspension is to safely separate the soils from the fibres by having chemical actions which we use the correct chemical product with caution. It may have damaged the carpets if specific ratio is not applied properly. Dwell time of the chemical products is also important, the longer cleaning chemicals stays in contact with the soil, it gives a better cleaning results.
As being said, this process is assisted by agitation which enhanced soil suspension in the carpet and it provides for more uniform in distribution of cleaning products. Temperature (of water) has a big role for this step since heat enables faster and efficient cleaning than cold water.


This step is also called the “rinse step” Once dry soil has been removed from the carpet it is the time to extract remaining suspended soils. The best method for this step is Hot Water Extraction or known as Steam Cleaning.
Here at Carpet Cleaning Kings we use the hot water extraction method for cleaning domestic and commercial carpets. This method is the only considered to be restorative among other methods. The HWE method is best for dealing heavily soiled carpets and it can remove more than 95% of dirt and bacteria from the carpets.


Grooming improves and prolong the carpet performance. Although this process has a very little to do with soil, it does help the Drying step. Since grooming speeds up drying time by eliminating the matt and uneven wear that enhance evaporation of water.

However, drying is a crucial step in the cleaning process. The fibres can be damaged if not the carpet is not completely dried. Materials (such as wooden floors) beneath wet carpets can provide a good place for mold and mildew to grow and that can be a serious problem. Ideal dry time for carpets should not exceed 6 hours.
It is always essential to hire a carpet cleaner that knows how to get the best results regardless of the methods and steps in carpet cleaning that’s being deployed.

If you’re interested in having your carpets professionally cleaned and you’re seeking a reputable experienced company, then give Carpet Cleaning Kings a call on 1300 7000 75. Our experienced, skilled technicians understand carpets and have the know-how to get your carpets looking almost as good as new once more. Contact us today on 1300 7000 75 to request a free quote or to book an appointment.

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