Why Carpets Need to Be Kept Clean

Carpets Need to Be Kept Clean
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Carpets Need to Be Kept CleanLet’s face it, carpets not only provide a certain level of luxury and warmth in a property but also offer the sort of underfoot comfort that no other type of flooring has. It’s no wonder then that carpets continue to be a highly popular choice of flooring. That said, just like any type of flooring it needs to be kept clean, not just for aesthetic purposes but for health reasons too.

Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is by far the best way to keep a carpet clean and when it comes to how often this should occur, it does depend on the amount of use it gets. For example carpets that receive heavy footfall should be vacuumed daily whereas carpets with only light footfall, might only need vacuuming once a week. So why should we bother? Well aside from household pride, vacuuming can actually prolong the life of carpets.

When dirt and dust is left to build up it tends to get compressed together as the area is walked upon. As it does so it’s pushed deeper into the carpet fibres where it acts like sandpaper rubbing away at the fibres underneath causing unnecessary wear and tear. Aside from this there’s also another problem if you don’t vacuum regularly and that’s penetration.

As the dirt, dust, and bacteria are pushed further and further into the carpet fibres they become much harder to reach and therefore harder to extract with normal vacuuming alone. This means that every time you vacuum only the top layer of dirt is skimmed off leaving behind a whole load of debris still embedded deep into the carpet. As this builds up it can become a health hazard if breathed in and also might become home to tiny mites and beetle larvae which now have plenty of debris to start feeding off. Before you know it your once pristine carpet that used to feel great under foot is looking faded and jaded, and more importantly has become hazardous to your health.

So what’s the solution?

The short answer is to call in the professionals. Research shows that for people who regularly have their carpets cleaned (at least once a year) the lifespan of their carpet can improve by as much as ten years. Aside from this an experienced company with professional equipment has the ability to get your carpet deep-down clean eradicating bacteria, dust dirt and greases. Altogether this gives you peace of mind that your carpet is not only pristine clean, but safe too.

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