What Exactly Is Hot Water Extraction Anyhow?

hot water extraction

hot water extractionWhat is hot water extraction? If you’ve never heard the term ‘hot water extraction’ in relation to carpet cleaning then don’t worry you’re certainly not alone. However I bet you’ve heard of steam cleaning? In truth they’re one and the same only other companies decided that ‘steam cleaning’ sounded better. The funny thing is that there really isn’t much steam involved in the process and this is why we prefer using the term ‘hot water extraction’. Call it what you will and all things considered, it’s proven to be the best and safest method of cleaning on the market.

That’s a bold statement to make right?

If you have any doubts, just take a peek at the carpet industry itself for clues. Nearly every top carpet manufacturer recommends (and more increasingly is becoming a requirement for warranty reasons) that people get their carpets cleaned using hot water extraction.

So how does it work?

In essence portable or truck-mounted machinery propel hot water together with (in our case) an eco-friendly cleaning solution deep into your carpet fibre. The action of firing a jet of hot water deep down into the carpet penetrates and loosens any dirt, greases, oils and even bacteria that lurk within. In almost the same action, high powered vacuums then remove any remaining debris along with any excess moisture to produce a carpet that really is deep-down clean.

So how does this help your carpet?

For any carpet, there’s nothing worse than water. Add too much and it soaks through to the backing opening up the possibilities of mould. What’s more, too much water can cause your carpet to shrink or fade. With the hot water extraction method, hot water is pushed in and sucked up pretty quickly so it hasn’t got time to soak in and cause any damage. For this reason, this method of cleaning is ideal for a wide variety of carpet types from Axminister to Berber and even older Persian rugs.

How does it help you?

There’s no getting away from the fact that when you have your carpet cleaned, it’s a bit of an upheaval. For starters you have to clear everything off it. This could be furniture, sofas, chairs or beds. Secondly, you can’t really walk on it either. So in effect the whole area is a ‘no go’ zone. With hot water extraction, if it’s done correctly there should be very little water left in the carpet so drying time can be as little as one or two hours depending upon the carpet size. This means that you can be back to normal with as little disruption as possible which is great for businesses such as offices, retailers, or hotels. Even if you’re a homeowner you can be back in your lounge, relaxing on the couch watching TV in no time at all.

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