Two Reasons Why A Wet Carpet Is A Big Deal

Two Reasons Why A Wet Carpet Is A Big Deal
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Carpets are usually hardy items. They have to be able to withstand being walked on. This is an occupational hazard for a carpet and as a result, most of them won’t be any worse for wear because of it. That is provided that they’re cleaned regularly of course.

Having said that, there is one thing that is likely to be problematic for even the hardiest of carpets and that’s water. Clearly, we’re not talking about the odd accidental spillage that everyone has from time to time. Instead, we’re talking about when your carpet gets a real soaking. The type that covers huge swathes of the carpet or even it’s entirety. This is when it can become a big deal, so why is this?

There are in fact two reasons why wet carpet isn’t good. These are mould and delamination. Let’s talk about mould first.


Mould is something that you don’t want anywhere near your carpet or even your home. It has the ability to cause further foundational damage while being hazardous to your health. Mould is home to a wide range of allergens and bacteria. It can cause breathing problems if you do not deal with it. The problem is that mould loves wet carpet and it spreads quickly. If you leave a wet carpet down on the floor for just 24 hours, there’s a big chance that mould spores will develop. Once this happens, there’s nothing you can do with the carpet other than throwing it out.


The other issue is delamination. If you can imagine, your carpet is like one giant sandwich made up of a backing layer, a layer of glue, and finally the carpet itself. As the carpet becomes wet, it starts to react with the special bonding glue which holds the backing layer and the carpet together. When it does the carpet starts to come away from the backing layer as the glue appears to form stringy layers (just like melting mozzarella on a pizza). As it starts to delaminate, parts of your carpet will start to bubble up and wrinkle. Once your carpet starts to come apart, there is nothing you can do to fix it, and just like mould, there’s only one good place for it and that’s the bin.

While it’s true that we should clean our carpets properly. Someone who doesn’t know how to deal with it should never attempt doing it. Too much water and your expensive carpet could easily be history. For this reason, you might want to speak to Carpet Cleaning Kings. We’ve been in the industry for many years, and using the latest hot water extraction, we make sure your carpet is left dry but also deep down clean.

To find out more information, or if you’d like a no-obligation quote then contact us today on 1300 7000 75. We look forward to hearing from you.

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