Steps To Take In The Event Of Emergency Flood Water Damage

Steps To Take In the Event of Emergency Flood Water Damage
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Event Of Emergency Flood Water DamageAs a homeowner you probably have a lot of things to worry about but by being proactive and keeping on top of any potential water problems you can save yourself a lot of heartache and money in the long run. Things such as a small leak may not seem too much of a problem, but if it’s not fixed it can easily escalate and cause flood water damage that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Water damage can come from a variety of areas in your home including broken washing machine hoses, damaged water pipes, and even frozen pipes. Harsh winters can also play their part in contributing to water and flood damage so it’s especially important to take all the measures you can to avoid water damage from happening as well as after the damage has been done.

We’ve put together a list of steps that you can take in the event that you suffer from a flood and these will help to minimise the level of damage and potential loss that you could incur. Our experienced technicians are on hand 24/7 to attend to all flood water damage emergencies and are just a phone call away.



After a flood these are the steps that you should take:

  • Remove any additional water that has appeared by mopping and blotting
  • Remove all wet upholstery and cushions from the room
  • Remove table lamps and table top items and wipe away excess water from wood furniture
  • Place blocks of wood or aluminium foil between furniture legs and your wet carpets
  • Move any electronics to a dry area. If they’ve been exposed to water then remove the outer cases and gently dry the object using a hairdryer on its lowest setting
  • Remove all personal belongings and take them to safe, dry place
  • Ventilate any areas that are moist. If it’s summer then turn on your air conditioning to help it dry out quicker or in the winter time alternate between turning on your heating and opening windows.

It’s important when dealing with water damage to act as quickly as you can as every minute counts and the speed at which you respond can be critical to limiting the level of destruction. We strongly advise you to call on the help of the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Kings since any carpets or furniture that are left for any length of time are more likely to develop mould or permanent damage and can even leave behind bacteria which is potentially harmful in the long term. We promise to respond within 45 minutes and offer a 100% customer service guarantee providing water extraction, removal of bacteria and mould, plus full cleaning and stain removal for any flood affected property.

Don’t struggle on your own in an emergency, give Carpet Cleaning Kings a call on 1300 7000 75 any time of the day or night.

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