How To Prepare For Professional Carpet Cleaning

How To Prepare For Professional Carpet Cleaning

How To Prepare For Professional Carpet CleaningA carpet adds warmth and character to a living room or bedroom but over time the fibers wear down in high traffic areas and stains can mar its appearance. If you’ve hired a professional cleaner to come to your home to clean your carpet then here a few ways to prepare:

Vacuum your floors

Although the professionals will run a vacuum over your carpet before they clean it and remove any dirt and stains, it’s still a good idea to get rid of pet hairs, crumbs and dust before they arrive by running the vacuum over it yourself. This also means that the carpet cleaners can spend more time on getting deep into the fibers removing deep down dust for the best effect. It also makes sense to give the entire room a dust and wipe down the skirting boards so that your newly cleaned carpet doesn’t get dirty again once the cleaners are done.

Make a note of areas of concern

Write down any areas of concern that you have with your carpet. This may be a slight stain left from when a mug of coffee was knocked onto the floor, or it may be an area that has gone really flat because it’s walked over all the time. Pointing this out ensures that your cleaners spend more time in those areas to bring them back to scratch.

Move your furniture

Most companies will ask that you move as much furniture as you can out of the room so they can get on with their work without being hindered by tables and chairs being in the way. Make sure that any toys are packed away into a box and removed from the room and if you have furniture that is too big and bulky to move completely out, try at least to push it to one side or end of the room.

It’s also appreciated if you can lift curtains off the floor so that they don’t accidentally get caught in any machinery.

Take away anything breakable

People often display fragile items such as ornaments and decorative plates which can easily break. Since your carpet cleaners will be moving around a lot they could easily knock these over and break them, so don’t take any chances – move them out the room.

Vacate your house

If you’re having all of your carpets cleaned then it’s best to make yourself and your family scarce so that the cleaners can get on without interruptions. Find out how long they are likely to need and meanwhile plan a trip or activity you can all do to stay away from the house until the job’s finished. Be sure to make sure your pets are out of the way too.

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