Points To Consider When Choosing A New Carpet

Points To Consider When Choosing A New Carpet

Points To Consider When Choosing A New CarpetChoosing a new carpet is exciting since it can totally transform your living space, remove odors which your old carpet may have been harboring, and make you fall in love with your room once again. When you’re choosing carpet for your home or business, there are a few things to consider, so let’s take a look.

Overall appearance

Are you looking for a carpet with an interesting pattern to transform your space and be the focal point of your room? Or are you choosing a carpet to add warmth and functionality – in which case muted, soft shades may be the best choice. Is your décor fairly neutral – in which case do you want your carpet to complement this or to stand out? Business owners typically choose patterned carpets for the fact that they conceal stains and high traffic areas. Homeowners often opt for soft neutral plain colors that will match any décor.

What does it feel like?

If you want to feel your feet sinking into the pile almost as if you’re walking on a cloud, then you’ll need a carpet that feels plush with a lovely soft feel to it. If you’ve got young children then you want something a little more durable but still soft on their knees. If you’re choosing carpet for the workplace then a low pile, industrial grade carpet will withstand high traffic far better.

Stain/odor resistance

If you have pets or young children then take a look at carpets which have been treated with protective coatings. These are great for preventing significant staining and odor penetration.

Durability and maintenance

The last thing you want is to buy a carpet that can’t cope with your type of lifestyle or volume of traffic. Be sure to always tell the salesperson what room your carpet is for and whether you have children and pets, for example. You’ll need to bear in mind the volume and type of traffic, the carpet’s potential for stain and odors, how frequently it’s likely to be cleaned, and how heavy any furniture is that’s to be placed on top of it. Answers to these questions will all determine the suitability of a carpet however it looks or feels. New carpets are supplied with warranties that you’ll want to maintain, so be sure you know what that involves before making your purchase.

Having chosen your carpet bear in mind that you’ll also need a carpet pad. These are essential for extending the life of your carpet and also capture any liquid should it seep down through your carpet, so that it doesn’t cause damage to the floor beneath.

So there you have it. A list of things to consider before shopping for a new carpet. Don’t forget your carpet will need professional carpet cleaning at least once a year in order to maintain it, so don’t forget to book an appointment with Carpet Cleaning Kings.


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