How You Can Extend The Life Of Your Carpet By As Much As Ten Years

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet
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Extend The Life Of Your CarpetLet’s face it, carpets don’t come cheap. In fact a really good one can cost you upwards of $400 per broadloom metre (1m x3.66m). Therefore it’s understandable that you’d want to protect your investment by looking after it. However that’s easier said than done when you’ve got a hoard of kids and half a dozen pets trampling over it on a daily basis right? The good news is that there are steps you can take to prolong the life of your carpet, in some cases by as much as 10 years, so let’s take a look.

Frequent vacuum

Contrary to any misconceptions, frequent vacuuming won’t damage your carpet. Conversely vacuuming your carpet on a frequent basis will keep the settlement of dirt and dust down to a minimum. Why’s this important? Apart from cleanliness, it prevents dirt and dust particles from building up and compacting when walked on. When this happens they get pushed deeper into the carpet pile making it impossible to remove by vacuuming alone. Moreover, they act like sandpaper and rub against the carpet fibres causing wear and tear. So how often should you vacuum? Well this depends on the use it gets. If your carpet is in a well-used room or a thoroughfare, then you should be looking at vacuuming at least one a week and probably more. For carpets that get less frequent use, then once a fortnight is usually sufficient, but once a week would probably be better.

Making your home a shoe-free zone

Mud, dirt, debris, and moisture are all transferred onto our carpets via our shoes. So if you want to avoid that from happening then turn your home into a shoe-free zone. If you really can’t ask friends and family to take their shoes off before they enter, then another trick is to place extra matting at entrance ways where the vast majority of the debris will be swallowed up. However it still means that there’s a good chance that at least some of the debris will end up on your carpet.

Remove any spills quickly

A stain is usually easier to remove, if you act quickly. This is because it hasn’t had time to sink deep into the carpet fibres. Once it does this, then it’s going to take a gargantuan effort to remove every trace (if at all). Even when you think you have, chances are it will still leave behind a sticky residue which to all intent and purpose becomes a magnet for dust and dirt particles. This in turn causes that significant darkening or staining which many of us are familiar with. So whether you spill red wine, lemonade, or your favourite home-made tomato sauce, speed is most certainly the key.

Call in a professional carpet cleaning company

You might not think that it’s cost effective to hire a professional carpet cleaner every year, but if the truth be known if you look after your carpet in the interim, then the cleaning company should only need to carry out a lighter clean. No only this, they have the equipment and the expertise to be able to remove stains, dirt, oils, greases, and even bacteria that you can’t. More often than not, the results are amazing.

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