How To Breathe New Life Into Your Old Home

How To Breathe New Life Into Your Old Home

On first appearances, older properties can look somewhat tired and jaded but you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to breathe new life into them and make them feel and look loved once more. All it takes is a little TLC and commitment on your part. We’ve put together a few ways that we can help with the more mundane tasks so you can have fun with the pretty elements.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning

Unless your carpets are threadbare you might want to consider getting them professionally cleaned. You’ll be amazed at what’s lying beneath the dirt and grime. The hot water extraction method of cleaning is recommended for most types of carpet and gets deep into the fibres loosening and extracting dirt and allergens so that your carpet smells fresher, looks cleaner, and is safer for you and your family. Colours appear more vibrant and the pile is raised and let’s face it – nothing beats that feeling of stepping onto a cozy carpet.

Top tip: why not invest in some throw rugs to cover areas of carpet which may be showing signs of wear and tear. With so many colours, shapes, and short or long fibres to choose from, they add interest and texture and can detract from the old carpet below.

Clean your Tiles and grout

Many a time we’ve been told by customers that they were considering replacing old tiles and having had us clean them, they were so pleased that they didn’t. Having your tiles and grout professionally cleaned restores them to their former condition and costs far less than replacing them. It also brightens the colour and adds the lustre that they would have had when they were first installed.

We use a high-pressure cleaning system which is far better than an old-fashioned mop and bucket. Our trained staff will transform any tiled area of your home, both indoors and outside, and once their cleaned, it makes it easier for you to maintain.

Hard surface cleaning

Our hard surface cleaning is the best in Brisbane. Cleaning walls and floors is hard work and require the correct cleaning materials and the right equipment to ensure best results. Why put yourself through the hassle when we can do a better job in half the time leaving you to get on with the more exciting elements of sprucing up your new home, like choosing soft furnishings, artwork and lighting to enhance your décor. We know what products are safe to use on different surfaces and can determine the best cleaning methods for any area.

Top tip:

We nearly forgot to mention the importance of getting your roof checked out. It’s always best to have any repairs carried out as quickly as you can before they cause more problems down the line. Something as minor as a cracked tile, for instance, could leak water through your ceiling causing dampness and damage to furniture and fittings inside the room. We can recommend Brisco roof restorations. They’re a great bunch of guys, willing to give you sound honest advice and carrying out top quality roof repairs at affordable prices.

Meanwhile, if we can assist with carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, or you need your tiles and grout returned to new, then give the experts at Carpet Cleaning Kings a call on 1300 7000 75


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