Five Top Tips To Optimise Your First Professional Carpet Cleaning Experience

Top 5 Tips to Great Carpet Cleaning Experience
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Top 5 Tips to Great Carpet Cleaning ExperienceSo you’ve decided to take the plunge and call in a professional carpet cleaning service! Obviously if you’ve called upon their services before, then being prepared is probably going to be second nature, but what if you don’t know what to expect? With this in mind, here are 5 top tips that you can instigate that will help save time, prevent accidents, and in some cases safeguard you from theft.

1. De-clutter

Understandably, you might think that your chosen carpet cleaning company are there to get the best from your upholstery, rugs or carpets, so why should you feel the need to de-clutter? More often than not the cleaning systems that many professionals use requires long heavy hoses that might have to trail through your house. If you have kids or dogs, then toys and discarded shoes or boots, or just general clutter that seems to have made it’s temporary home on your floor, can become a trip hazard, so before arrival try to clear the floor areas.

2. Remove furniture

Okay, so you’ve de-cluttered and now you really need to turn your attention to your carpet areas. Remember that carpet cleaners aren’t licensed to move furniture so ideally the area needs to be cleared prior to their arrival. This includes plant stands, coffee tables, free standing floor lamps, dining furniture, and if possible, sofas and chairs. If the object or furniture is simply too heavy to move on your own and it’s one or two pieces at most, many cleaners will help if you ask them. Conversely if the whole room needs relieving of it’s furniture then that’s a time consuming job which most companies will charge extra for, or in certain cases might refuse to do. Remember it’s for your benefit too because the more furniture you remove the more of your carpet can be cleaned and the better it’s going to look.

3. Vacuuming

While many carpet cleaners don’t require that customers vacuum first, it does remove the top layer of dirt making it easier. Besides, if you haven’t moved your furniture in a while it gives you a good chance to vacuum up the cobwebs and dust that might have accumulated under it during that time.

4. Pets

If you have pets then you don’t want them walking all over the area that needs cleaning. That is at least until after it’s fully dried anyway. Moreover if a truck mounted cleaning system is being used then the front door will usually have to remain open, meaning that if they’re startled they’ve got an instant escape route. Therefore either make arrangements with friends, family, or neighbours to take them for the duration, or keep them in a separate part of the house.

5. A word about valuables

Although it’s fair to say that 99.9% of carpet cleaning companies are honest and trustworthy, don’t give the remaining 0.1% the temptation to steal your valuables. Remove things like portable electronics from view or if you have expensive jewellery then don’t leave it lying around. Instead put it in a safe and secure place.

Most carpet cleaners will work extremely hard to deliver the desired results, so if you want a really positive first-time experience, follow these tips above.

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