Essential Tips for Office Carpet Cleaning during this Pandemic

5 Essential Tips for a COVID-Free Office Environment

During the pandemic, it’s vital that those who can work will remain safe and healthy so they don’t spread the virus to someone who will fall ill, or fall ill themselves. To prevent the spread of this highly contagious illness, there are essential tips you can follow to maintain a COVID-free office environment.

5 Essential Tips for a COVID-Free Office Environment

1. Fogging – Fogging is a cleaning technique that delivers disinfectants using a fine spray. This method reaches all interior spaces and reduces the number of airborne micro-organisms and gets to places that are hard to reach. When using a fogger, close any open doors and windows and ensure that there are no people, pets, or sensitive plants in the area where the fogger is used.

2. Surface Wiping And Spraying – Surface wiping and spraying are two additional cleaning methods. With surface wiping, the surfaced is wiped down with an industrial-grade disinfectant. To clean with this method, apply the solution, allow it to stay on the surface for a few minutes before wiping the surface for maximum effectiveness. With spraying, the sanitising solution is applied to the surface. For maximum effectiveness, the spray must be allowed to dry.

3. Remote Work – Having your employees work remotely if possible. Not only have studies proven that working remotely increases productivity, but it’s currently a great way to stop or lessen the spread of COVID-19. The fewer people coming into the office, the less risk of transmitting the virus.

4. Air Purification and Ventilation – High-efficiency air purification and ventilation systems with air filters are also a good choice. These reduce the viral load in the interior workspace and clean the air from other air pollutants such as bacteria, pollen, dust, or mold. It’s also helpful to open windows to let fresh air in.

5. Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaning Team – This pandemic is a time when the best business practice is to keep your employees safe. Not only does this mean your office workers, but also your team of employees who clean the offices every night. They may do an excellent job, but a professional cleaning team can reach all corners of the facility and address areas missed by ordinary cleaning methods.

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