Exploring The Costly Dangers Of Over-Wetting Your Carpets

over wetting carpet

over wetting carpetOver-wetting Your Carpets can cause costly Dangers.Over-wetting was somewhat of a common problem back in the day when carpet cleaning equipment was far less sophisticated and chemicals were harsh. The problem is that despite advancements in technology it’s still a frequent occurrence but this time for different reasons. Many’s a time we’ve been called out to deal with an over-wet carpet due to an over-zealous home owner who has decided to rent a basic machine and do it themselves. The problem is that by this stage an over-wet carpet is the least of their worries. Let me explain.

Carpet shrinkage

A shrinking carpet is a prime example of a carpet that’s been over-wet when cleaned. If you notice your carpet has come away from the grippers or has come away considerably from the walls you’ll no doubt have carpet shrinkage. In some cases if the shrinkage is slight you may be lucky enough to be able to stretch it back. However if the shrinkage is significant, then the only real option is to replace the carpet completely and that can be very costly.

Bad odours

Carpets takes longer to dry through being over-wet and when this happens bacteria can form. This is when your carpet can develop a distinctive but equally horrible musty smell. If left, these bacteria can turn into mould spores which aside from completely ruining your carpet can also be harmful to the elderly and young children, as well as those with breathing problems. In best case scenarios you’ll be facing a reasonable bill as you’ll probably need to call in the pros to eradicate the smell. However at worst, you’ll need to replace the carpet or face putting lives at risk.

Carpet browning

The browning of a carpet is a typical response to over-wetting particularly on woollen jute-backed carpets. They usually occur some while after cleaning as tell-tale brown spots are signs of previous spots and spillages which have ‘wicked’ back up after the water has soaked through to the carpet backing. If you try to remove them yourself you may find them virtually impossible to remove, so you’ll probably have to seek the advice of a carpet cleaning specialist which will in turn cost you more money.

For these reasons you really need to avoid over-wetting your carpet. If you really don’t want to be confronted by a large bill or a ruined carpet then you might prefer to get total peace-of-mind by leaving it to the pros. At Carpet Cleaning Kings we have an expert knowledgeable team of technicians who understand the nuances of different carpets. This is why we always double check your carpet to make sure before we clean. If you’d like a free quote or would like to put us to the test contact us today on 1300 7000 75.

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