Common Carpet Problems And How To Deal With Them

Common Carpet Problems And How To Deal With Them
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Common Carpet Problems And How To Deal With ThemIt’s fair to say that anyone who has carpet in their home or commercial premises, experiences common carpet problems from time to time. While they’re usually easily fixed, most people aren’t aware of them. To help you identify the type of problem you may face, we’ve made a list of common problems that carpets can have. Do bear in mind that these are non-manufacture defects so without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

Carpet crushing and matting

Carpets which see high amounts of footfall or experience improper vacuuming or cleaning can develop this problem. Identifying signs are the unravelling of carpet fibres or a loss of pile thickness. Look for carpets with a better frieze. These don’t tend to show footprints. In addition, professional carpet cleaning can help restore crushed or matted carpets back to their former gory.

Indentations and depressions

When heavy furniture is placed on deep pile carpet it can cause indentations and/or depressions. The best way to deal with this is to use glides and place them under the legs of your furniture. In addition it’s advisable to move your furniture around from time to time to avoid settlement.

Colour loss and/or carpet fading

Carpets and sunlight don’t really mix and in an ideal world you’d act like a vampire and keep the light out. However if you need sunlight in your life and let’s face it…who doesn’t, then you might want to think about nets or blinds to diffuse the light. Failing that you can buy carpets with fade resistant protection, so this is something you might want to ask your carpet dealer.

Common carpet problems – Filtration soiling

This problem occurs on lighter colour carpets in the form of a dirty grey/black line that forms around the edge. This is caused by your malfunctioning ventilation system that isn’t able to suck up the pollutants. As a result the stale pollutant-filled air tries to escape through the nooks and crannies in your skirting boards or doors. As the air rushes over your carpet, it acts as a filter, catching the tell-tale debris and leaving a dirty grey. A professional carpet cleaner should be able to remove them, but in addition you’ll need to get your ventilation system looked at.


When you vacuum a new carpet you might be surprised to note that it’s shedding carpet fibres. Don’t panic because it’s only picking up loose tufts that aren’t properly connected during manufacture. This is a natural process that should cease after a few cleans. As such it doesn’t affect the quality of your carpet,


From time to time, you might see the odd carpet fibre appear like it’s sprouting out from your carpet simply snip them off with a pair of scissors and all will be fine. It’s just the excess yarn rising to the surface. Don’t however try to pull them up as you could end up with a small hole.

New carpet odour

I don’t know about you, but I actually love the smell of new carpet. However it does have an acquired smell that takes some getting used to. If you want to get rid of the smell fast, simply open your doors and windows and it should go away.

So there you have it – Common carpet problems and how to deal with them! If you’re in need of further carpet help or would like to talk to us about a professional carpet clean, then contact Carpet Cleaning Kings today on 1300 7000 75. We’re your carpet cleaning experts in the Brisbane area.

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