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Whether you require your favourite carpet cleaning or your soiled carpets refreshed, we at Carpet Cleaning Kings now offer our best carpet cleaning services at Cleveland. We know well that it could be difficult to find a company that would treat your carpets as you would do. Imagine your carpets being mishandled; thus causing irreparable damage or discolouration. Only a company with years of experience and know-how can consider every detail in handling your most precious carpets. Considerations include proper handling of material according to fabric type, possible discolouration, and shrinkage. Worry no more because we have all those considered and expertly handled.

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Leave it to the experts!

At Carpet Cleaning Kings, we have highly trained technicians that are knowledgeable in handling carpets according to the material, severity of dirt, and condition. We use safe cleaning products and tools to produce fresh, clean, and safe carpets. We implement effective methods to remove even the most stubborn dirt, hidden allergens, contaminants, and mites. We use hot water extraction recommended by leading carpet manufacturers. Hot water extraction uses force to clean not just the surface, but to reach through the base of the carpet; thus, thoroughly cleaning from the surface, in between fabrics, down to the bottom. Our machinery sucks out excess water so your carpets get completely dried.

Other Great Services

Our excellent service is not only limited to carpets. We also offer other premiums services at Cleveland, catering to all your home cleaning needs.

A list of our services include, but not limited to:
pest control
mattress cleaning
upholstery cleaning
rug cleaning
• carpet patching
• stain management
• pet odour removal
water extraction

Yet another exceptional service: Flood water extraction

The most tedious task anybody is reluctant to deal with is flood water or water damage. Flood water poses a great health hazard as it contains microorganisms that carry diseases and to some extent, toxins. Since microorganisms rapidly grown on dirty, stagnant water, water should immediately be removed within 24 hours to avoid further contamination. We at Carpet Cleaning Kings can immediately respond to such an emergency situation. We handle flood water extraction with the utmost expertise and time efficiency.

It doesn’t have to be flood water. We can help you deal with any situation requiring water extraction such as tub overflow, burst pipe, etc.

The least you can do is worry about house floods or any situation that may need water extraction. We at Carpet Cleaning Kings are just a call away. Give us a call at 1300 7000 75 for any inquiries or emergency cases. We are more than willing to do the dirty job – all for your safety and convenience.

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Carpet Cleaning Kings is an Australian owned and established residential and commercial carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, hard surface cleaning and pest management company. We strive to deliver a quality of service that exceeds all customers’ expectations. We began in Brisbane and can now proudly service the Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan City, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide areas. It is our superior service levels that set up apart from our competitors. We are passionate about every project, and place enormous importance on the following:

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