Carpet Infestation – What is is and How to Cure it

Carpet Infestation

Carpet InfestationIf your carpet has become patchy in places it could be due to carpet infestation. Carpets can suffer from small areas of missing fibre, but it isn’t actually your carpet that’s disintegrating. Instead it’s a condition caused by the presence of carpet moths or beetles.

So why do they like your carpet so much?

It isn’t just carpets. Moths or beetles are attracted to all natural fabrics, particularly silk and wool. They feed off natural keratin proteins contained within the fibres, so if you have a pure wool or silk carpet or even a wool-rich carpet, then your carpet could certainly become an unwilling victim. Carpet beetles/moths particularly like areas of moisture present within natural fibres and they also like sweat and dirt (mainly found in clothing) which they feed off. Sounds gross I know, but it’s no worse than the millions of bacteria found on a mattress, and it certainly doesn’t make you a dirty person. It simply means that they’ve found an environment in which they can feed, nest, and lay eggs. So how do you know you have an insect manifestation? Because when the larvae hatch, they leave behind traces of casing that look like grains of rice. This is a real tell-tale sign that you have a problem with carpet infestation.

“Okay, that’s all well and good”, I hear you say, “but is there anything that can be done?”

In a word, yes! An experienced carpet cleaning company will know just what to do and how to treat carpet infestation. Chances are they’ll use a powerful vacuum to eradicate any lurking insects and casings, and then apply naturally safe agent to ensure that they don’t return.

So that’s the problem dealt with, what about your balding carpet?

That’s a bit more tricky, but not impossible. So long as you have a sufficient square of carpet left over that’s of similar condition eg, wear and colour then this can be pieced in position. Again this is something your technician might be able to help you with. If not there are a multitude of carpet restorers available who could tackled the job, although it might be quite expensive.

So how can I prevent carpet infestation from happening again?

To prevent an invasion of carpet beetles/moths from settling in your home your carpet needs to be kept clean and free from dust. So regular vacuuming of your wool carpet or silk rug is key. Pay particular attention to corners or underneath units where dark recesses form, meaning you may need to unleash your crevice tool. In addition to regular cleaning you should also consider having your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year to ensure it stays fresh looking and free from bacteria.

If you need further advice on carpet infestation or would like us to give you a quote for a carpet clean, then don’t hesitate to contact Carpet Cleaning Kings on 1300 7000 75.


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