How You Can Benefit From Mattress Cleaning

How You Can Benefit From Mattress Cleaning

Although most people pride themselves on keeping their homes neat, tidy, and clean, it’s surprising how often their mattresses get overlooked. Because the mattress is covered and looks clean to the naked eye, it’s hardly surprising that most people consider they need do no more. However the truth is that although your mattress may look spotlessly clean and you regularly change your bed sheets, it is not sufficiently clean to sleep on.

We carry out mattress cleaning on a regular basis and our customers are always amazed, and some horrified, at the volume of dead skin flakes, dirt particles and dust, not to mention the millions of dust mites and other organisms which we remove from their mattress. In fact, it’s a well known fact that over time your mattress gains considerable weight from these foreign bodies. Pretty gross, right?

All of that said, what exactly are the benefits of regular mattress cleaning?

  1. Helps maintain healthy air quality in the bedroom – When you consider that we spend roughly a third of our lives asleep in bed, you can see for yourself how important it is that the air quality is healthy. It’s thought that whenever a person turns in their sleep, the movement causes the dust and other particles to escape from the mattress into the air which we’re breathing. Poor air quality is also deemed to be the cause of health ailments from something as simple as throat and eye irritations to more serious respiratory problems which cause symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, and even fatigue.

  1. Allergy management prevention – One of the most common triggers of allergies such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis is known to be dust mites and their excrement. Since dust mites are commonly to be found lurking in a mattress then it’s important, particularly if you or a family member suffers from allergies, that the mattress is regularly cleaned to prevent dust mites from taking up residence. Doctors highly recommend this practice as many allergy patients have worse attacks at night when they’re sleeping as their bodies react to the dust and mites present in the mattress. Consequently by minimising contact with these allergens, you can avoid one more allergy trigger which could cause a serious health condition.

  1. Total peace of mind – Knowing that you’re sleeping on a clean mattress rather than one that is full of dust mites and dead skin flakes is sure to help you sleep better and give you total peace of mind. A good night’s sleep is crucial to starting the day right and also helps us maintain physical and emotional wellness.

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