6 Signs You Might Be Sharing Your Mattress With Bed Bugs

signs you might be sharing
signs you might be sharing

hile bed bugs are becoming an increasing problem for many people the signs that you have an infestation might not be so clear. The fact is that bugs can be introduced into your home in a number of ways; it could be from animals, second hand furniture (sofa’s, beds etc), or even from your luggage after a stay away from home. Even if you can’t pinpoint exactly how these uninvited visitors got there, you should at least be able to recognise the signs early, so that you can deal with the problem once and for all. With this in mind, here are 6 signs you should be looking out for.

Take a close look at your bedding

Next time you strip the bed, take a close look at your bedding. You might be under the impression that bed-bugs are microscopic and can’t be seen by the naked eye, and while this is true for most of these visitors in various forms of the bed-bug cycle, you should be able to spot fully grown adults. Pay particular attention to dark recesses such as corners and crevices because this is where they like to hide.

A rash on the skin

Usually one of the first signs that you have a bed bug infestation is when they bite you. Identified by a reddened area on your skin (similarly to a cluster of mosquito bites) it can become inflamed and itchy.


Sounds pretty gross but like us humans, when they’ve got to go, they’ve got to go! Usually droppings can be identified by a rusty or brownish red colour on or around your bedding, so this is something else you might want to look out for.


Under normal circumstances, if you see droppings you’ll see castings. As the life cycle of a bed-bug progresses they’ll shed their skin. This being the case, be prepared to look for hollow or light coloured pellets of varying sizes.

Tiny blood stains on your sheeting

This could also be an indicator that you have an infestation. Usually the traces of blood could either be from you after you’ve been bitten (check for signs of bites) or alternatively, it could be because you’ve rolled over and squashed one or two in the night.

A slight odour

If your bed has developed a slight musty odour it could be yet another sign that bed bugs are present. Bugs tend to give off odour from their scent glands which some people say is similar to that of woody mushrooms. As such it can be recognisable in large doses. Although there hasn’t been extensive research into bed bug odours, scientists speculate that when it occurs, this is how they attract a mate.

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